Republic Anywhere App not syncing across devices

What phone do you have? Moto 6G

What plan are you on? My Choice

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Data

My wife got a new phone the other day- Moto G6. Previously she had a Moto G4Plus. She was using the Republic Anywhere app for messaging on her phone as well as on her Mac Laptop. My understanding is that this app is supposed to sync across devices. When I logged her into the RA app on her new phone, none of her messages showed up in it, but they are all still on her laptop. Why are those messages not syncing to her new phone?

Thank you!

Hi @MarkDeming,

What you’ve discovered is that, by design, Republic Anywhere doesn’t sync across devices. Rather it syncs between Republic’s messaging server and each individual Anywhere endpoint. In your wife’s case her G4 Plus is one endpoint synced to Republic’s server, her computer is a second unique endpoint and her new G6 would be yet another unique endpoint.

It’s possible to force Anywhere to resync from the server to the G6, however, that will only pull the last 30 days worth of text messages. Republic doesn’t keep messages in readable form on the server longer than that.
The better solution is to use another app to transfer the messages on the G4 Plus to the G6. I like this one: SMS Backup & Restore.


Thank you @rolandh!

Unfortunately, I reset her G4Plus… so, I am guessing I can’t still pull those messages off the phone anymore?

Hi @MarkDeming,

Sadly, you are correct about that. Given the circumstance, the best that can be hoped for (short of expensive professional forensic recovery would be to reset local content using Anywhere on the G6. Here’s how:

Open Anywhere.
Tap 3 dots upper right.
Tap Settings.
Tap Advanced.
Tap Resync messages from server.

At least, that will get the past 30 days.

Thanks again @rolandh! One last question for you… If I do what you said in your last response of resyncing to server, will that affect the messages that are on my wife’s laptop? We have some very important texts that we CAN NOT lose- yes, possible legally proceedings could need them. So I need to make sure if I resync from server, that all the messages on my wife’s laptop will be just fine! And that the last 30 days worth of messages will only go to her phone. Hopefully this makes sense?

You’re most welcome! Resyncing from the server to the G6 won’t affect anything on the computer. That’s actually the design behind Anywhere. What’s done on one client need not affect other clients. That said, since you mention legal proceedings, I’d find some way to backup those messages in case the computer should go south.

If the computer is a Mac, I might be able to help with that if needed. If it’s a PC, perhaps, another member of the Community might be able to do so. You might even consider going old school and print them out, since printed copies are likely to be required by a court anyway.

I do use ONLY Macs in my house… :grinning:

I don’t do Windows!

So what would you recommend for backing up those messages?

Thank you!

Generally, I suggest backing up one’s entire hard drive routinely. Apple’s Time Machine software bundled with macOS is one option. Carbon Copy Cloner and SuperDuper! are other apps I’ve used. This, of course, presumes one has a place to store such backups (typically an external hard drive).

If you’re not prepared to backup your entire hard drive, then go to Library - > Application Support and copy the Republic Anywhere folder within to a safe place. There’s no way to read the messages other than with the Anywhere desktop client but that’s where they’re stored.

Edited to Add:

If you’re uncertain about the path to the folder I reference, please try the following to find it:

  1. From the Finder’s Go menu, click Go to Folder…
  2. Type: ~/Library/Application Support/
  3. Click OK
  4. Click and drag the Republic Anywhere Folder to a safe place

If messages are in Anywhere (on R.W servers) they only stay there for 30 days then are gone.
Aside from backing up you messages elsewhere, like rolandh mentioned, take screen shots of them on your computer to save as a record.

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