Republic Anywhere App on MAC - Deleted Messages

I delete all my text messages, never keeping anything on my phone. I added the Republic Anywhere app to my mac and it loaded previously deleted messages, going back to January of this year.

I realize I can’t delete messages on the computer app…but wondering why these are showing up. And how to get rid of them? I can’t delete from the phone because they have already been deleted from the phone. Again, they’re only showing up in the computer version of the app.

Issue Description

Hi @gregoryp.pm0hni,

What you’ve discovered is deleting messages in Anywhere on your phone doesn’t delete them from Republic’s servers. Messages remain on Republic’s servers for 30 days and sync from there (not one’s phone) to other Anywhere endpoints. The only option on the desktop (computer) and iOS apps is to archive them.

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Okay, thank you.

But I’m wondering why messages I deleted four months ago showed up in the app when I installed it? (Just installed for the first time a couple of days ago.)

I can’t explain the four months. My understanding is it’s supposed to be 30 days. Is it possible the thread was older than 30 days but the individual messages synced were 30 days old or newer?

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