Republic Anywhere app on Windows keeps showing "Currently not connected."

The Anywhere app on my Windows 10 Lenovo desktop, which has a cable connection to my cable modem, keeps showing briefly a “currently not connected” message where I type my messages, making typing and editing them difficult, because the cursor doesn’t return to where it was at the point of disconnecting. Simple editing like moving the cursor to a new spot or backspacing also have become iffy. New typing goes to the end of the message, rather than where I’ve placed the cursor, also.

This isn’t happening on my cell phone or on this window as I type into it, only on the Windows Anywhere app.

Has anyone else had this happen and managed to fit it?

Hi @clc2clc2

Please see if this helps:

If this does not help, you might try disabling any 3rd party security software you have running on your Windows 10 machine and try Anywhere again.

Let us know how it goes! :slightly_smiling_face:

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