Republic anywhere app people photo does not show on my computer

What phone do you have? Moto g7

What plan are you on? talk & text

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? no data

Issue Description

after changing to a new phone (Moto g7) from a Moto x the Republic Anywhere app on my computer quit showing the photos of the people so now I have to go only by the phone number to select the person I want to text to when using the computer. This is only on my laptop computer all other phones and android devices work fine. I deleted and reinstalled the software on the computer, I have pictures associated with the contacts in my gmail account which is what I use for all of my devices and the photos work fine on every other device other than the computer where I have had anywhere installed for some time without any problem until switching to my new phone. the new phone and all other devices show the persons photo fine just the computer app doesn’t.

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Please give this help post a look over:

Its first suggestion is what I would try first (a re-sync):

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Thank you so much for your help with my problem. I could not find where I could get the windows computer app to do a sync update. Your help with the procedure for right clicking the toolbar icon on the far right did the trick. Thanks for your time and help on my problem and quick response.


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