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I have separate email address for my phone and online. republic account. Which do I use to sign in on my second spare phone?
Also another problem I am having with just transferring phone from Phi phone to republic. phone is for moto phone republic stated i had to install anywhere app. If i send i send a map link from my regular computer using G maps, the text message is not being sent to my republic phone.

The email address you use to log into your RW account online should be the same one you use on your phone, and that’s the email address you should use with both phones. That’s not to say you can’t have more than one email address on your phone. I use two Gmail addresses and three personal domain addresses with a third-party email app, Bluemail.

The Anywhere app is an option, not a requirement.

I stopped using my messaging app and I started using the republic anywhere app and it worked but now it’s not letting me send texts without WiFi of data, and I can’t keep turning on data to receive and send messages. This is the first time that I have had cell data and maybe I’m doing something wrong, but I don’t know ow what to do.

Republic Anywhere needs data (and roaming data) left on in the android setting, data can be turn off in the Republic Wireless app under the Data tools (the same for 2.0 roaming data)

any data used by Republic Anywhere is not counted against you purchased data


Hi. This phone is being used by my daughter. She posted the last question and I’m trying to help her now. We’re both a little confused about the Moto X4 and how it tracks and uses data. Her plan is “My Choice + 1 GB”. The way I understand this plan is that voice calls and texts (SMS) are unlimited on wifi or cell. Her phone is telling her that she’s running low on mobile data. When she goes into the republic wireless app, it says she has 47 MB left for data. Is this cellular data or mobile data and what is the difference? When she pulls the menu down from the top of the phone, and clicks on the republic antenna icon, it shows: 0.11 GB used meaning there’s 0.89 left. Why is there this discrepancy, what’s going on? When “Mobile Data” is off, she can’t text & call without wifi. If she turns it on, it uses data in the background from other apps slowly, even when she’s not using the apps. She wants to know if there’s a way she can text & call without turning on cell data so no data is used in the background.

Mobile data=cell data
The data that counts against your purchase amount is reported in the Republic app, the system data report [from the Android settings or from taping the cell icon in the quick settings] reports both data you used and the data Republic uses to setup call and text, I expect that you settings data is not sycn to your billing cycle as the Republic app is the can be changed by going to the cell icon in the quick settings menu then tapping more, then billing cycle and finally billing cycle date.

As for what’s using data it should show the apps using data on the Republic app,

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