Republic Anywhere Archive Recovery

I accidentally archived a text message the other day when I accessed Republic Anywhere.
How do I Recover this Text?

Hi @keithh.j3ut1h,

Archived conversations on the subscribed phone can be unarchived, but those archived on other endpoints will remain archived until another message with the same recipient(s) is sent or received.

On the phone, you would tap the three-dot menu :dots: then Archived Conversations, then long-press on the conversation you wish to restore and tap the icon that looks like a folder with an up arrow on it.


I am on my Laptop On the phone, I Clicked on the three-dot menu: then Archived Conversations then lost the entire thread.
Did not see Folder with up arrow.
hopefully, I will get the thread back when they text again.
Maybe RW can work on a simpler way of recovery IE: click/tap the Three Dots and Both Folders appear(arrow up and Arrow Down) just a suggestion.

If you archived the conversation on the laptop, it will be restored the next time a new text message with that person is sent or received.

You cannot un-archive from the phone a text message that was archived on the computer.

thank you…
and it was originally archived on my phone.

I guess I’m not understanding what “then lost the entire thread” means. Is the conversation you wish to restore not listed in your archived conversations?

This would suggest it has instead been deleted.

If you switch to the Messages app by Google, is the conversation visible?

Cool thanks

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