Republic Anywhere: Can it replace Pushbullet?

Will Republic Anywhere replace PushBullet?

Pushbullet gives better Windows notification popups that include the text of the received message. If Republic Anywhere did that, I would probably switch.

Also, the Pushbullet interface is more compact and less obtrusive on your screen, and it hovers above other content, which results in less clutter and more choices on how to use screen real estate. This is not a bad idea either.

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Anywhere actually does have that functionality with notifications!

  1. Right click on the :anywhere: Anywhere icon in the task tray

  2. Click Preferences

  3. Click Show message contents in notification


Thanks for sharing how to get to the preferences! You might consider putting the preferences in the menu bar of the Anywhere window as well as in the task tray. If I didn’t stumble on this thread, I never would have known there was a preferences menu.

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I don’t see Preferences when I right-click on the RA icon on my Windows 10 task bar. I just have an option to open the app and an option to unpin it from my task bar.

Well, thanks beng!

Just finished uninstalling Pushbullet and have moved to Republic Anywhere!


It sounds like you’re clicking the icon from the task bar, not the system tray.

The system tray is where the clock is at the bottom right of your screen. You should see a smaller version of the :anywhere: Anywhere icon over there that you can right click on and see preferences If you don’t see the icon, try clicking the small up arrow ^ and it should show you more icons.

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Great to hear! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion! This is an oversight, the preferences should also be in the menu bar on Windows (it is on Mac). We’ll make that change in a future version.


Also very bothersome is having to sign back in to the desktop app all the time. Pushbullet retains your login session even through a reboot, while I have to enter email and password for Republic Anywhere every 10 minutes after just my screensaver comes on.


Can you please report an issue through the desktop Anywhere app? Anywhere is supposed to retain your login information and you shouldn’t have to sign in after you do the first time. What you’re experiencing is a bug.

I have the same problem with the login. I have to login every time I close and reopen my laptop. I’ll open a ticket with support as well.

I can’t see which password to use to login to phone Anywhere app…? Tried all of them and even changed p/w in profile

Hi @arlieh,

One does not sign into Anywhere on their Republic phone. Simply install the app, tap “Configure Your Device”, grant the requested permissions, agree to change the default messaging app, then tap “Awesome”. Should be good to go on your Republic phone after that.

Only on the desktop app should you need to sign in with a password. That sign in would be the same as the credentials used for signing into your Republic account.

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Thanks but I was asking the wrong forum! It is when I am calling my regular Republic voicemail - it now asks for a password every time and I had to set up a new one as it didn’t recognize the orig I had. Hope there’s a way to cancel the constant asking for p/w!

the need for a password is now required no way to bypass when calling in

make anywhere compatible with chromebooks

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