Republic Anywhere Cannot Sign In


I’m having a strange problem at the moment- this morning, my Republic Anywhere is giving me a bizarre error message whenever I try to log in:

Cannot sign in

An error occurred while processing legal terms and conditions requirements. Please restart the app and try again or wait and try later.

I’ve restarted the app, but nothing.

Can't log into Republic Anywhere on Mac

I’ve got the same problem. Following this post. I’m on Windows 10. Apps on phone and iPad are working fine.


Hi @Oreolord and @cathyf.8re06i,

We’re experiencing an outage affecting many of our systems that require log-in, including Anywhere endpoints. You can monitor the status of the outage, here:


same problem here. also win 10


Moto X Pure
My Choice + 1G

Issue Description

I am unable to log into Republic Anywhere on my MacBook Pro running High Sierra 10.13.2
It was working yesterday.

Error: “An error occurred processing legal terms and condition requirements. Please restart the app and try again or wait and try later.”


Same problem as of this morning. Sierra 10.12.6.


This is wider account login issue as noted over here. Hopefully, it will be fixed soon.


Seems to be working now


Moderator’s note: I’m merging various threads about this outage into a single thread, so if the conversation appears disjointed, it’s my fault, not because the members posting here have lost their minds.


It’s on again off again for me. It may continue to work, so long as you do not sign out.


If you’ve experienced an inability to log into Anywhere on your Windows or Mac computer, please launch the app and check for an update. Once updated, computer access to Anywhere should be restored.


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