Republic Anywhere - can't find on PC


This is stupid but I’m used to old school programs with icons on the desktop. When I exit out of the app or restart the PC (Win 10), I cannot find how to restart the app. Where’s the icon or whatever I click on to start the app on my PC?


Hi @markb.ubmcw1!

You should be able to find it by searching in the lower left corner. Once you find it, right click it and it may show an option to pin it to the taskbar. There may also be an option to add a shortcut as well.



on my WIN10 machines it shows up in the list of apps under R in the start menu


If not on your start menu list, you should be able to find it in All programs. You can then right click and add to tsart menu and/or task bar.


No R’s, No “All Programs”


Try typing Republic Anywhere in the search box at bottom of menu. Then do the pinning.


Only points to web…


My work computer [Win7] has it in the startup folder of the start menu, from what your posting it does not look like it’s installed


One of the desktop tiles should get you to This PC or some where you can find your installed programs to make sure it’s there.

Best investment I made was for the Stardock program to have a traditional start menu after Win 8 appeared.


Was thinking the same thing and yet I’m able to get the program to run, sync with my contacts and bring up my current texts that are on my phone. But when I shut down , it’s like the program disappears and I have to run the install file to get it to start back up.


I have re-downloaded the :anywhere:Anywhere from a google search on Win 7 Pro. After installing I got the taskbar Icon on the left side bottom. I pinned it to the taskbar, then right clicked the :anywhere:icon and above the pinning dialogue it says “Republic wireless service on your computer” … I right clicked that and got the List with properties & opened the properties. I left clicked the second tab Shortcut & scrolled down to Shortcut Key. I held CTRL down and in the space CTRL+ALT+ appeared. After the second plus sign I put a capital R (CTRL+ALT+R) , clicked apply and closed the properties. Now when I hit CTRL ALT R the :anywhere:Anywhere Texting Window pops up on my screen almost immediately. I hope this helps some of you out there!!!


Just checked my Win 8 Pro tablet and there’s a search option when swiping from RH edge that brings up programs searched for. If you can can search for programs and it’s not there then for some reason not installing.



Do you regularly use a Win 8 or 10 computer?


My Win 10 is broken, the HDD crashed and I haven’t bought a new HDD. I am stuck with a Win 7 pro backup laptop.


If you prefer the older Windows UI take a look at Stardock 10.


Thanks I will look, It never hurts to look at something new to me…Googling now!
Ohh I don’t prefer it I hate this sloww laptop


Hopefully your Win 7 work PC isn’t as slow as your laptop with Vista.


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