Republic Anywhere contact images not correct

What phone do you have?
Moto G7

What plan are you on?
My Choice + 1 GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
Includes data, talk, text.

Issue Description

I recently got a new MacBook Pro and install Republic Anywhere on it. I noticed that when people started texting me that the images next to their names were incorrect. for example, Aunt Mary’s Picture was appearing next to texts coming from my co-worker, that sort of thing. The images appear correctly on my phone’s Republic Anywhere app. I’ve checked the names/images in the native-mac Contacts app and they appear correctly. I’ve tried uninstalling and re-installing the app on the MBP, but the problem persists. Can you please suggest a solution?

Thank you!


This was reported once before in this thread… and that member just ended up deleting the contacts and re-entering them…may or may not be a viable solution for you depending on how many contacts are affected in your case.

Hi @ianb.lndx7f,

Were you able to try deleting and re-creating some of your contacts to see if that cleared up the issue?

I have had the same problem on my computers. Both home and work display the wrong contact avatars identically, which tells me something is wrong with how they are synced to the server.

I have taken the following steps with partial success.

First, I uninstalled the Anywhere software from both of my computers. I think it’s important for this to work, that you uninstall from all the devices (other than the Republic phone) that are using it.

Then, I turned off contact syncing in my Google account on the phone.
Then I turned off contact syncing in the Anywhere app on the phone.

Next, I re-installed Republic Anywhere on one computer. Once it was installed, I launched it, and then went to the Help menu and clicked “Deregister devices.” I de-registered everything except the RW phone, saving the current computer for last.

Then I re-opened Republic Anywhere on the computer and signed in again.
Next, I re-enabled syncing on the phone - both in the Google Account and in the Anywhere app, and tapped Sync Contacts now.

Then I re-installed Anywhere on the second computer.

For now, I see just first-letter avatars by each of my contacts, but I have to say that’s an improvement.

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What phone do you have?
using Republic Anywhere on MacBook Pro version 10.14.6 Mojave
I use a Moto G7 for my phone

What plan are you on?
My Choice + 1 Gb data

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
Includes data

At some point (I don’t recall when), Republic Anywhere app on my Macbook Pro stopped displaying my contact’s photo’s correctly and does not seem to know when I add a contact to my contacts in Google account. Notice the difference in the photos here (shot of my contacts list and Republic Anywhere):

Please help! This is very frustrating to me.



Thanks for the suggestions. I will need to give these steps a try. I did try uninstalling and deregistering ONE of my devices (I too have it on several), but not all devices. I’ll have to let you know how it goes… thanks.

I have to tell you, it worked for a few days, then I changed phones, and suddenly my computers were back to showing the wrong faces beside the names. I’ll have to try the process again, myself.

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