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New RW user here on a Moto G5 Plus running Nougat and Anywhere version 1.2.4.

Anywhere seems to know who my contacts are when I generate new discussions, but all incoming texts show up as numbers instead of assigned to people. When I go to manually add them to contacts, they’re already in there. So it’s like Republic has access to contacts, but just isn’t syncing right.

I’ve tried to manually sync, and it always says “scheduling contact sync,” but the issue persists. Any thoughts?


Hi @jwey,

Just to be sure we’re understanding - is the device on which you are experiencing this issue the phone that is subscribed to Republic Wireless?

What is the source of your contacts? Are these contacts stored in the Contacts app and visible on or are the coming from other address books, like Facebook or Outlook?


Yep - the Moto G5 Plus is on a RW plan, though the issue shows up when I use Anywhere on another device, too.

Aaaaand I just realized that this was user error. I had imported all of my previous contacts from iCloud, but didn’t do my Exchange ones separately (from work). The two showed up together in my contacts on my old iPhone 6 on Verizon, but were never on a single list.

So, yeah… I guess that’s solved. Thanks!

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