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I recently downloaded and installed Republic Anywhere on a Windows 10 machine. It worked at first, but at some point it displayed the error Currently Not Connected. So I clicked the close button in the Republic Anywhere window, then clicked its shortcut to launch again. Same problem…hmmm. A Google search later, I found the support note

“Currently Not Connected” Error Message in Republic Anywhere

which links to the Resolution, How to Properly Relaunch Republic Anywhere on Microsoft Windows 10

It strikes me as (mildly tragic) humor that the workaround for a software glitch has been rebadged as the proper way to relaunch said software. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I since realized it’s apparently by design that Republic Anywhere continues running in the background when you close its main window. You can open/show the main Republic Anywhere window by clicking the Republic Anywhere icon rwanywhere in Windows’ notification area or really quit/exit by right-clicking the icon and clicking Exit in the context menu that appears. It would be nice of the installer to make this behavior clear and if this were a configurable preference (e.g. clicking close in the main window could actually quit/exit the application).

Hi @ronaldn,

Thanks for the feedback on the article’s title and objective. Our support team will look into improving the language.

Would you like me to move your suggestion about configuring the window closure behavior to our Official Republic Anywhere Feature Request Thread?

Hi @southpaw,

You’re very welcome, and yes, feel free to move the suggestion as you deem appropriate.

Thank you!

To avoid this problem, instead of closing/exiting the app, logout of the app. When you logout, the background process ends.

My Anywhere on my PC I have right clicked the Icon and pinned it to the taskbar.
I then have right clicked the taskbar icon—> then right click the “Republic wireless service on my PC”
----> right click the “Republic wireless service on my PC” and click on “Properties”
----> click the “shortcut” across the top of the properties window
---->Near the middle the property page find the box that says “Shortcut Key”
-----> Type in what shortcut you want to use on the keyboard IE: “ctrl + alt + A” (minus the "s)
----->Click the Apply then OK buttons.

Congrats you now can type ctrl + alt + A to open Republic Anywhere on your PC… Wait for it Bam the screen pops on for Anywhere…

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