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I understand that messages can’t be deleted from Anywhere via the PC app. However, when I do delete a message via my phone app, I don’t expect to see that it still shows on the PC app. I just found that I have dozens of messages going back to September from Walmart, notifying me that my grocery order is ready for pickup. This is a lot of clutter that I don’t need. Can anything be done about it?

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Perhaps one of these Help Desk Articles may help you out?

I don’t think so, because I do have some older messages that I need to hang on to. Both of these procedures delete all but the last 30 days of messages.

I took a closer look at the messages on the PC version of Anywhere. I have multiple ads from various sources touting products that I’m not interested in, as well as those now useless messages from Walmart. Why don’t they disappear when I delete them in the phone Anywhere ap?

Is the PC ap going to store every single message that I receive?

It’s just not the way Anywhere works. The best you can do is use the “archive” function on the PC which will hide the messages until the point that another one comes in from that specific number.

So the next time that Walmart notifies me that my grocery order is ready for pickup, all the previous similar messages from Walmart will once again appear on my PC’s Anywhere ap. Is this correct?

It seems ridiculous that I will have to deal with hundreds of messages that have been deleted on the phone ap. Think about this over time. It will be almost impossible to find the message you want to review among all those that should have been deleted.

If the messages are from the same number, yes, that thread will reappear including the previous messages.

It’s a thread, in chronological order, the latest message will always be the first message you see in the thread. Unless you scroll, the previous messages don’t hide or obfuscate the current message. My text thread with my wife has thousands of messages in it but I don’t miss a single time she yells at me because that message is always the one that shows when opening the thread.

That all said, I don’t use Anywhere. Republic no longer is developing it and it isn’t sufficient for my use. Should I lose my phone I’ll be happy it still exists as I can get on it on my computer to text but in the meantime, while my phone is working normally, I use Google Messages and Message for Web instead.

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What happens with deleted messages on Messages for Web?

Messenger for web is simply a mirror of your phone. Unlike Anywhere it does not have its own connection to your messages. Your phone must be on and have an internet connection for it to work and it directly syncs with your phone. If you delete a message on the phone it is deleted on Messages for Web and vice-a-versa. The upside of this is everything is always in sync. The downside is that if your phone doesn’t have an internet connection or is broken, Message for Web won’t work.

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