Republic Anywhere Desktop App sends texts to other phone on my account

What phone do you have? Motorola G5 Plus

What plan are you on? My Choice + 1 GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Talk, Text and Data

Issue Description

After I added a new contact on my phone (last week) I synced contacts with my desktop Republic Anywhere App. I try to text the new contact from my desktop Republic Anywhere App (the contact appears in the App and the text screen shows only one recipient) but the text is sent to the other phone (my wife’s) on our Republic Account.

Hi @bigbird,

I would uninstall the Anywhere app from Desktop, then re-install it and re-sync the contacts. Let us know if that helps.

Hi Southpaw,

Thanks for the response. I tried your solution and uninstalled the Anywhere app from my Desktop with Advanced cleaning in Revo Unistaller, then reinstalled the app and re-synced the contacts. I don’t think that helped and now when I dial or send a text to■■■■■■■■■■■■■■it rings or appears on my wife’s phone whose number is■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ Any Ideas or should I open a RW ticket on this matter?


Hi @bigbird,

I’m sorry not to reply sooner. I don’t know what else to suggest, except perhaps to try again. Do you have any other devices using Republic Anywhere? If so, I’d remove it from them, as well, before re-syncing.

It may just be time to admit defeat and try Messages by Google (which has a desktop version now).

Hi Southpaw,

Thanks for the reply. I got the situation straightened out. I do enjoy using the Anywhere App because I can use it from my desktop computer. I didn’t know that Messages by Google had added that capability. Thanks much for the information.