Republic Anywhere Desktop Update: Version 1.2.12 - 08/10/17



Release Date: 08/10/17


  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux

Version: 1.2.12



  • Better release notes support. You can now click on the “Version” menu item in the app menu on macOS or the Help menu on Windows to show the latest release notes.
  • Contact cards. Click on a contact avatar in the message list to a contact card.
    • Shows several of the latest messages from the contact.
    • Quickly jump to one-on-one from group conversations.


  • Login prompt can occur when the computer wakes up from sleep. We believe this has been fixed. Please open a ticket with #stay-logged-in somewhere in the body if you still experience this issue.
  • Deregistering the device you are currently using now logs out.
  • Better detection of network connectivity.
  • Several crashes.

Anywhere changelog?

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If only yours were the only ones!


Stupid question, perhaps, but where does one find these? Linux version, specifically? Is there a tarball? deb file? PPA?