Republic Anywhere Desktop Update: Version 1.3.2 - 08/24/17



Release Date: 08/24/17


  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux

Version: 1.3.2



  • Initial vCard support:
    • Preview vCard details including name, phone number, and embedded image.
    • Proper download support.


  • Stability improvements:
    • Crash on waking the operating system from sleep.
    • Crash on clicking on Login menu option.
    • Crash on theme initialization.


  • Enforce 2000 character limit when sending a message.

Outbound vCards

I like the format and completeness of the information provided for the Republic Anywhere Apps … hopefully this a trend that will be extended to the base Republic Wireless App?


Does this update cause a re-login requirement on the desktop? I haven’t had desktop login screen issues for a long time…but it popped back up today. Actually, this isn’t the login bug…RWA on my desktop (Win 10) had logged me out and I had to log back in to access RWA.

Seems to be working fine on the phone.

Sorry I posted this in the wrong discussion… will delete and move to the other discussion about the Android new version.


I had a lot of issues on a win7 laptop. I’m going to wait for the next release, then comment further, as I suspect that some of the issues are well known.


Hi @ceedee

Please feel free to ask your own question, ergo, start a thread/topic.

I’m using a Win7 desktop and a Chromebook (N22) without issue. I think you may understand how to navigate this forum, but just in case or for others, … Welcome to the Republic Wireless Community


My issues with Win 7 were resolved with the latest release. Be sure to give that a shot and if that doesn’t work out, please submit a help ticket.