Republic Anywhere Desktop Update: Version 1.4.8 - 09/14/17


We released Anywhere Desktop 1.4.8 today.

The major focus of this release is to clean up our notification support on Windows. And while we made significant progress to fix Windows 7 (a majority of Anywhere installs), we had to remove two features. We fully intend for these to return, however, in order to move foward, we took an action that may appear as a step back for some of you.

  1. macOS notifications no longer support Reply directly in the notification itself. Click on the notification to open the Anywhere window to reply.
  2. Windows notifications no longer have contact or media image previews.

Release Notes

Release Date: 09/14/17


  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux

Version: 1.4.8

Description: This update includes the following


  • New notification implementation brings more stability
    to Windows, but we had to remove some features (see below)


  • Notifications on Windows 7 were showing as blank.
  • Notifications on Windows 8 stoped working.
  • Crash during app start on some Windows computers
    prevented app from installing.
  • Several unnecessary, unexpected logout are now
    prevented. Anywhere should only now logout when
    it is actually necessary.


  • Notification images on Windows are no longer shown;
    this feature will return in a future version of
    • Contact avatar no longer shown
    • Message media (MMS) no longer shown
  • Windows notifications can now be clicked,
    navigating to the conversation represented by
    the notification.
  • Updating on macOS as non-administrator account now
    prompts for administrator credentials.

RW contacts photos no show in app

Hi, I wonder when the search function will be added to the anywhere app on Android. I miss that feature from Google Messenger and it seems like something that should be there from the beginning



Ditto on the search function. I love this app overall, but it is frustrating when I need to find a particular subject or conversation and cannot through a simple search.



When I click on the Anywhere Help tab, it shows that I have version 1.3.2 . When I click on Check for updates, I get a message that an error has occurred checking for an update.



I’m on macOS. This happened once with a previous Anywhere update. I deleted the Anywhere version currently on my Mac, then downloaded the new version here: Texting App | Text from Computer | Republic Wireless.

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Thanks. That seems to have taken care of the matter.:relaxed:


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