Republic Anywhere Desktop Update Version 1.5.6 - 10/19/17



We released Anywhere 1.5.6 on 10/19/17 for macOS and Windows. The main feature in this release is spellchecking for all macOS versions and Windows 8 and 10.

Release Notes

Release Date: 10/19/17


  • macOS
  • Windows
  • Linux

Version: 1.5.6

Description: The update includes the following


  • Spelchek!!! We’ve added spellcheck for Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and all macOS. You get the red squiggly line indicating a misspelled word. Right click to get a word suggestion. There are some limitations with this initial release:
    • Spellcheck on Windows 7 is not yet supported.
    • Spellcheck on Linux is not yet supported.


  • Saving some MMS attachment types would have the wrong file extension.


  • Skip Anywhere Android setup step.
    • Before when members setup Anywhere for Desktop for a phone number that has never had Anywhere for Android activated, the member is forced to install and activate. This prevented some valuable use cases of Anywhere for Desktop when the Android device is not functional (damaged, lost, out of battery, etc.). We’ve now relaxed this requirement by offering a Skip button at this step. Since contacts are sourced from the Android device, Anywhere Desktop will not show contact information until an Anywhere for Android is setup for the phone number.


why did i have to completely reinstall? Did the update a week ago and today RA had to be reinstalled


Hi @cb1,

You shouldn’t have to reinstall in order to get an update; sorry to hear that this is happening for you! If this happens again, please open a Support ticket so that we can investigate further.

Republic Wireless Tier 3 Support


What I would love to see out of Republic Anywhere, is a text app like Verizon has. That’s one thing they did right.


What difference between the RWA App and the Messages+ App are you looking for?


Hi @ronaldw.gpsflj,

We have an official feature request thread for our Anywhere app, here:

Please read through it, vote for the suggestions you’d like to see implemented by adding your “like” to those posts, and then suggest any additional features that you specifically find attractive about the Verizon app.


Norton Security Suite


Hi @danielr.xwocpd,

I hope this is not a literal comment.

Could you please let us know what version of Republic Anywhere is/was installed on your computer, what kind of computer and operating system it’s running on, and what version of Norton Security Suite you are using?


File name is “Install Republic Anywhere.exe” which is the Windows version.


I’m seeing the same thing on my windows computer. It alerts on the Windows installer freshly downloaded from the Republic site. I’m running “Norton Security Premium” updated to the latest definitions. It alerts that the installer has a bad reputation, NOT that it has found any actual malware. Norton explains it here:

Edited to add: I’ve spoke with Norton and they indeed confirmed that the alert is based on the small number of installs. I’ve opened a ticket with them and they will review the status within 2 business days. In the meantime I’ve turned off reputational scanning in my copy of Norton.



Republic Anywhere is/was installed on your computer, what kind of computer
and operating system it’s running on -
no installed - 10 Window home


Thank you for the extra details @danielr.xwocpd, and for going the extra mile to provide the details when I didn’t understand the limitations you faced.

I’ve let our developers know you’ve seen this report from Norton, and @louisdi has inquired about it with Norton. It appears to simply be a case of not enough users with Norton currently using Republic Anywhere for it to have developed a reputation with them yet, rather than a specific threat being identified in the software.

We appreciate the information you’ve shared.




It just happened to me also. Norton flagged it and removed the downloaded file. I flagged it as safe and went into quarantine and removed it.

It’s such a new file.


I’ve now received confirmation from Norton that they’re removed the flagging and that users who update their definitions should no longer get the alert.

“Upon further analysis and investigation we have verified your request and as such, the detection for the follow file will be removed from our products. Users should immediately begin seeing the change.”