Republic Anywhere does not have a way to search texts?

Hi I just upgraded to Pixel 2 phone and made Republic Anywhere my default messaging app and upon using it this morning I noticed that it doesn’t have a search function. Is this correct? If it is this is a big deal for me for business purposes. Any help is appreciated.

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That’s correct. At this time, there is no search function.

Hi @thomasl.5uggd8,

As a workaround, you might consider using Android Messages for search without making it your default messaging app. More than one messaging app can be used to access the message database on your phone but only one may be the default for sending and receiving.


Thanks I thought of that. The only problem is when you first use Android Messaging it won’t let you proceed forward unless you say yes to it being the default app on Android 8. I will just have to keep switching back and forth I guess. Another annoying thing to do. Not sure why it wasn’t built-in as it is a vital function a lot of people use. Maybe not a primary function but certainly a vital one. Thanks again for the quick response.


There’s a skip button on the bottom left. Hit that instead of next. I’ve now tested on two different 8.0 phones and there’s no need to set as your default.


@louisdi thank you. I assumed too quickly the skip function was for tips and tricks that pop up when you first start using an app. Your help is greatly appreciated and I apologize for having you go back and try it on two different phones. Sometimes the easiest solution is staring you in the face. It still should probably be a recommendation for the next update. Is there somewhere else I should be posting in for that?

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No issue, happy to help.

As far as suggestions, search has been made as a suggestion before. You can add your voice to the request by liking the suggestion: Official Republic Anywhere Feature Request Thread


Thanks again

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