Republic Anywhere fails to open on desktop computer with error message

The Republic Anywhere application on my WIN10 PC was working fine yesterday. We had a power outage, and after I rebooted, it no longer works. Tried re-installing, tried clearing data, nadda.

Hi @deathblow,

Can you describe what “it no longer works” looks like? Is it presenting an error screen, or just failing to load?

I can definitely confirm that it stopped working after a weird random IP address change on the network. However, it looks like the error is about a “tag” during login… if I remove everything to redo logging in, it seems ok, but the moment that it begins syncing, it errors. The weird thing… I never got anything since last text message yesterday and it was working fine all this time. It only seemed to crash when I tried getting back on after the forced IP change.

Is RW’s server not working any longer?

Edit: Found the error on watching. According to it, when it gets to syncing contacts, its erroring because the AWS credentials apparently do not exist.

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Mine has quit working, too. As of this morning. Everything was fine yesterday. I tried reinstalling it, but ended up with the same failure.

My anywhere app on Windows 10 has quit working today too - On 2 different PC’s. Both of which I have been running Anywhere for a long time.

Same error message.

Me too, same error message. So does this mean I need to switch my text app to something like google messages to still text from my computer? I LOVE that feature!

I also tried uninstalling, downloading the latest republic app from the website and reinstalling - still the same error message.

Just confirming same error message upon attempting to load app. I am running Mac Big Sur. It stopped working this morning. I un-and-re-installed App with no luck. Then Big Sur had an update. I installed the update and nada. I deleted and reinstalled republic again. Still nothing. Something is def wrong.

I can say that if you have a decent network, as long as its single person messages and you don’t mind having a Microsoft account, you can sync your messages with the “Your Phone” app. If you have Bluetooth capabilities on your system and you have a decent headphone and mic, you can use it to also make calls. Unfortunately, both of which requires the phone always on and running fine.

I assume Google Messages is in the same boat.

Our engineers are looking into the failure of Republic Anywhere to launch on desktop computers.


Mine is now up and running again on my Windows 10 desktop.
That was very quick!
And appreciated!

Thanks again,

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The issue creating the error message screen has been resolved. @zapoqx , @vinced, @portlantaguy, @cathyb.zwdcbe, @janetv.allrt3, and @deathblow, please let me know if you’re still having any issues.


Works now, thanks!


Working on Mac…thank you


I received a GitHub issue for this exact issue so it affected Linux as well.

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Glad to see it fixed. Glad to see the AWS part of the error was the key to figuring it out too! Thank you!

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