Republic Anywhere for Linux coming next week!



We’ve had some great reception and feedback about :anywhere: Republic Anywhere since releasing it yesterday!

Thanks to our awesome product and development teams, we’re excited to announce that we’re targeting to release a BETA version of Republic Anywhere for Linux early next week!

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The Linux app will be a BETA version, so there may be some bugs that haven’t been ironed out yet

  • You do NOT have to be part of the Anywhere BETA in order to use the BETA app for Linux

  • Since this is a BETA, support for the Linux app will be very limited. Your best source of help will be other members throughout the Community.

Keep an eye out here early next week for more details!

Anywhere app for Linux?
Anywhere app for Linux?

:southpawpoms::anywhere::southpawpoms: Very excited to give it a try!


###YES! I can’t wait! :tada:


make this compatible with chromebooks. this is my only computer I use.


Happy Monday! We’ve just released Anywhere for Linux!! Check out the announcement here.