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My motoX2nd tengas a black screen, but works otherwise. The only thing I really can’t work around is getting my sms messages. Republic Anywhere sounds like it would solve the problem.
However, when I installed on my prematurely purchased Samsung S8, I get "authentication error. I have an internet connection via Wi-Fi. No SIM card as I wait for RW to announce support.

Any suggestions?



HI @stevenb.9rbh0z,

Sorry to hear about your X2’s screen!. Further sorry to say that, for now, the only Androids Anywhere runs on are activated Republic phones. This will change as Anywhere evolves.

Right now, other than Republic activated phones, Anywhere is available for Windows, macOS and Linux. Would one of those be an option for you?



Thanks for helping. Anywhere is not well behaved on the unsupported s8 no SIM :grin: I had to uninstall because of its behavior. Just a fyi.

Tried to install on Windows Vista and got "Entry point not Found SetCurrentProcessExplicitAppUserModeID could not be located in shell32.dll

I’ll look for another device.



You’re most welcome! Anywhere does not yet work on any mobile device other than an Android phone activated on Republic’s network. As mentioned in my initial reply, this will change in future iterations. In addition to Windows, macOS and the current community supported Linux beta, Anywhere will soon run on iOS and Android devices other than Republic activated phones.

Entirely my fault. I should have mentioned Anywhere’s minimum system requirements. On Windows, that’s Windows 7: Republic Anywhere Minimum System Requirements – Republic Help.



In case you are looking to mirror your android sys off your x2 to your pc - there is an app called vysor. Its a bit tricky to set up. But it lets you access your phone bypassing your broken screen.

A while back, I sent feedback to rw about how repub anywhere could add this feature to mirror android sys to pc just for this scenario where your screen/lcd is broken. It would be awesome if they make it happen.



I’ll try vysor. I got anywhere installed on a pc and sent request to the phone, but then I’m stuck because I can’t install on the phone without a screen.



At least the touch screen has to work for you to install vysor. I did that completely blind since the lcd was blank. I had to figure out the lock screen + the app + where the notification pops up that you have okay it.



You could try installing Anywhere (and maybe Vysor) from a computer signed into the same Play Store account as your phone. Links follow:

From your computer:

  1. Click the green Install button at one of the above links.
  2. Select your phone.
  3. Click green Install button a second time.
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