Republic Anywhere install on Chromebook

When I try to download the Republic Anywhere app on to my Chromebook, the Play Store indicates it is installed. It is installed on my Republic phone but is not installed on the Chromebook. The installation commands I see on the Chromebook are grayed out and the Chromebook is not listed as a eligible device.
How do I get step-by-step installation instructions.

ping @c1tobor you are running Anywhere on a Chromebook. Can you help @irishtomd?

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Hi @irishtomd

So sorry for the late reply. I had to run my Chromebook in the Beta Channel for awhile until my Lenovo N22 was approved for Android apps. in the Stable Channel.

Here is an article that may help…

Here is the list of Chromebooks and where they stand in regards to the Playstore…

Again sorry for the late reply, let me know if you have any questions if your still trying to get apps on the Chromebook.


My Chromebook is a Samsung Model XE500C12-KO1US. In the list of Chromebooks
and where they stand regarding Google Play Store, this model is listed in
the category “Planned”. As a result, I moved my device in its OS settings
from the Stable Channel category to the Developer Channel category. When I,
after restarting, go through the Google Play Store installation process, it
indicates the app is installed. When I click on Install, it verifies my
Play Store account and then displays, after hitting Install again, an
"abbreviated" Republic Anywhere page that has a grayed out Install command
and it doesn’t recognize my device. In a previous Install page of this
process in Play Store, it identifies multiple other devices…phones,
tablets and computers…that it does see as qualified devices. But no
Samsung Chromebook.

Anything else I an do to get this app running on my Chromebook?

Oh my @irishtomd.

“Planned” means they have not allowed it yet. Do you also see a ‘Beta’ option in the channel choices?."

Hi c1tobar
I have the same problem with my Acer chrome book 15 CB-531
and thanks to your link that you posted it is on the planned list an I am on the beta chan. It looks like a long way out.
My old acer on windows 10 home (I have the latest} up date for it .I got any where now ok an it does work I just need to play

more to get use to all the thing I can do with it.
Agian thanks for the link in the posting to @irishtomd

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I do have a “Beta” option; however, my device states that enabling it will
result in a Powerwash (wiping out all data saved, apps downloaded, all
users, etc.). I don’t know that I want to go through the hassle of doing
that at this time. I’ve never venturd into the “beta” world previously and
I don’t know if the Anywhere software will work in beta.

Thanks for your attempted assistance anyway.

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Yes it does wipe every thing an you have to put all the stuff you want back in again I am also on the beta chan an still wont load RW anywhere.

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