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I would put this in the official Republic Anywhere forum but I can’t seem to add to it. I’m not happy that the IOS version requires having IOS 10 or higher. I have devices that will never be able to get to IOS 10 and that saddens me. I don’t know how this works, but if possible, I would love for it to be available on older devices. All my devices besides my Macbook are around IOS 9. Just missed it by that much!


I’m in the same boat.


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Hi @jennab.u1mf3x,

Would you be willing to indulge my curiosity regarding the model(s) of your iOS devices? I ask because iOS 10 is supported on devices released by Apple as far back as 2012. For context, the oldest Anywhere supported Republic phone (the Moto X1) was released in 2013.


This is likely not a willy-nilly decision. IOS 10 introduced a whole series of new APIs that app developers can take advantage of and are likely necessary for the long-term plans that Republic has for the app where it is not only capable of texting, but also of calling and other such functions.


We know Republic eventually plans to add calling to Anywhere. If Republic intends to support Apple’s CallKit APIs on iOS (and I hope they do), iOS 10 is indeed a requirement. More on CallKit here:


We have a couple of iPads in our house that are still used daily that are stuck on iOS 9. They are 2nd gen I think. Seems like this could be a fairly common thing for people.


Those are about 6 years old now. A real testement to their quality that they still run a fairly recent version of iOS and still suit their purpose for your family. However, with Apples decision to support CallKit from API 10 and forward only, Republic’s hands may be tied.


Apple’s iPad 2 was released to market in 2011. That’s older than the DEFY XT released in 2012. Republic doesn’t support Anywhere on the DEFY. I think asking Republic to support Anywhere on a six-year old Apple device is a bit of a stretch.

As for how common the scenario use of Apple devices of this vintage are, 80% - 90% (depending on whose estimates one uses) of active iOS devices are iOS 10 or later.


First, I don’t disagree that it is a stretch for Republic to support an old tablet.

But when we talk about tablets, we are talking about an in-between device. That is, in-between a phone and a computer. We would be less likely to assign an expiration date to a computer than we routinely do with a phone. And therein lies the issue, I think. I have to believe that at some point as phones become more like computers, the complexity and cost will require that they last more than a year or two, just because people won’t be able to afford them. The $1K iPhone they just released is a case in point!


Hi @jimk,

It’s not my intent to be argumentative. I merely point out the challenges of supporting six-year old devices is likely unrealistic for a relatively small company like Republic.

Republic Anywhere support for Android devices is limited to Lollipop and later. I don’t know for certain but doubt there are any six-year old Android tablets running Lollipop. Generally, Apple supports operating system updates on its devices far longer than manufacturers using Android do. iOS 10 runs on devices as much as five years old and by virtue of that Republic is able to support these older devices. Is there a five-year old Android tablet capable of running Lollipop?


I totally understand what you mean. I was merely pointing out that age is not a realistic measure for all devices. For instance, Republic Anywhere works great on old computers. It’s currently running without issue on my 6 year old Ubuntu box. I haven’t, but I’m sure I could easily put it on my 11 year old Ubuntu box.

The point is that comparing the ages of phones with that of tablets with that of computers doesn’t track very well. And isn’t that exactly what Republic is doing with Republic Anywhere?

Again, I’m not complaining about lack of iOS 9 support. Personally, I have plenty of devices that are supported. But some people (as in the OP I suppose) might not.


I have an iPad mini 1st generation which I read was released in 2012. I also have the iPod touch 5th gen, so I’m just barely missing the mark.


I also have one of these, stuck at iOS 9.3.5. Not a big iOS user so won’t be looking to add more iOS devices unless there is a genuine need. Would have been nice if RWA working on this one.

RW can definitely choose to dedicate their resources where they deem most necessary.
But calling devices old and outdated is a very relative term


While I wouldn’t consider myself that knowledgeable about the Apple ( I typically refer to it as Crapple) ecosystem. I believe that iOS 10 is support on Apple device released as long ago as 2012. The Moto X 1st gen (the oldest phone that is still able to be reactivated on the Republic network) was released in 2013. I am sorry, but adding support for devices older than this is frankly not a good allocation of resources.

For Android devices, I believe there is also a require of Android 5.1 Lollipop. I don’t think that was released until December 2014.


Except in the world of tech, something 5+ years old fits the definition perfectly.


Hi @jennab.u1mf3x,

I suppose the reality is there’s got to be a cutoff somewhere. I can certainly appreciate the frustration of being on the wrong side of that cutoff. Largely because Apple tends to support older iOS devices with current operating systems, Republic is effectively able to support 4-5 year-old devices despite the iOS 10 requirement.

I also don’t believe that requirement is arbitrary. Today Anywhere is a messaging only app. As such supporting iOS 9 might be feasible but the future of Anywhere involves calling as well as messaging. Apple introduced application programming interfaces (APIs) known collectively as CallKit with iOS 10 that greatly improve the calling experience for apps like Anywhere. CallKit is unavailable prior to iOS 10.


Any iOS device stuck on iOS 9 is roughly as old as the DEFY XT. Would you expect Republic to support Anywhere on the DEFY? I have non-Republic Androids stuck on KitKat newer than Apple devices stuck on iOS 9. Should Republic also support devices stuck on KitKat?


I’d have to qualify that by saying, ‘Except in the world of some tech, …’. People keep lots of ‘tech’ far longer than 5 years. TV’s, computers, cars, cameras, watches, for instance. And I guess we can include tablets.

Now Cell Phone tech is different. But we are talking about Republic Anywhere here which by definition is not limited to Cell Phone tech.


I’ll agree with “SOME people keep lots of tech…”

In my circle of friends, other than cars, which are a completely different beast, not one has an item on your list older than 5 years old.