Republic Anywhere is a fantastic app for expats


Hello everyone,
I think a lot of us here are somewhat disappointed with the innovation – or lack of – at Republic. Many have already jumped ship to other carriers and I can’t blame them.

But a real bright point of the company is the Republic Anywhere app. If you’re on Republic 2.0, then you can downgrade to the WiFI only plan, download the app on your international phone and computer, and receive your texts all over the world. My plan in Europe is 13 Euro for 6 GB, so for a combined ~$20 per month, I can text my friends using my American and European numbers and just the international phone. Meanwhile, my Moto X 1st gen will stay in my apartment in case I have to place a call to the US for whatever reason.

I think that’s a crazy good value for expats to stay in touch with friends and family. Good one, RW!!!..



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