Republic Anywhere isn't displaying on my WIndows 10 PC even though it is running

I am running WIndows Anywhere on my Windows 10 laptop. For the past couple of days it is running, but doesn’t open up on my screen. I have restarted my PC, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, ended the program in Task Manager and restarted it, all without luck. Even when I go to task view and select the Republic Anywhere thumbnail it still doesn’t open up. So it’s running but I can’t use it. Help!

Hi @lawrencee.626n44,

Did you recently disconnect the laptop from another monitor? I’ve found that if I have anywhere on my extra monitor and disconnect the extra monitor, Anywhere continues to be displayed on the now-phantom extra monitor. I have to actually hook back up to the extra monitor and drag the window to my laptop screen.


Ha! Yes, I connect a second monitor at least twice a day. I will go check that now…LOL yes that was the problem! Thank you!!!


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