Republic Anywhere "lost" contact names on PC, but otherwise still works

As a FREQUENT user (vast majority of my texting) is via Anywhere on my Win10 PC but all of a sudden yesterday only phone numbers are displayed instead of name. Much harder to use.
Using Anywhere on Win10 PC and already tried “resetting local content” (no effect/change).

Anywhere on my phone is still working fine (displaying contact names).

Any ideas?
probably something simple I need to do… :grin:

Hello @markr.oas1f7
Welcome back to the Community!

Yes! I know of a Republic Article that should help you :slight_smile:

I would try this suggestion in the article:

Thanks I knew there was a sync somewhere (just “hidden” in tray, not in app itself).
Unfortunately, nothing seems to work.
Have tried all below w/o success…

  • “Sync Contacts” (with and without Anywhere running)
  • uninstalled Anywhere, re-install
  • uninstalled Anywhere->re-install->sync
  • “reset local content”

Any other ideas?
How/where does Anywhere get the contact names anyway? Is there some “permission/access” that is being denied in the process but just not being reported?

I don’t know, I’m a Member (customer), like you. However there are other members in the Community that might be able to answer that question for you.

While we wait for more answers, I would uninstall Anywhere again.

There are still two folders left-over from Anywhere in Windows 10 located at:

C:/>users>( your users account )>AppData> local


C:/>users>( your users account )>AppData> Roaming

To show the AppData folder (it is hidden by default), you need to go to folders options and on the “view” tab click to “show hidden files, and drives”, then click apply.

I would delete the 2 Republic anywhere folders. Reboot, and reinstall the Anywhere software for another try.

After that, I’m afraid I can think of no further options to offer.

ok, thanks SuperT!
Will give that a try this wknd!


Hi @markr.oas1f7,

In the Anywhere app on the phone, tap the three dot menu icon :dots: then tap Settings. Is “Sync contacts across devices” enabled? (To the right and blue?)

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Sync contacts on my phone was NOT enabled.
Enabled it->“Sync Contacts now”
and viola-contact names show up on my PC!!!

Thank you!!!


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