Republic Anywhere Memory Usage



I have installed Republic Anywhere(RA) and noticed that it is using 39.2MB of memory. While this is not a critical issue I was wondering if there is any way in future releases the memory usage could be toned down a bit. After all it is only a chat/text syncing application. Thanks for your continued effort to offer us a better wireless choice.



Hi @SageWolf,

I don’t know how memory management might be improved in forthcoming versions of Anywhere. I will say Anywhere is not merely a syncing application. Anywhere is a full-fledged Android messaging app.

For what it’s worth, it’s using 10.41 MB on my Moto X Pure. Google’s Android Messages uses twice that.


I am sorry I was not as specific as I should have been. The memory usage(40MB) is on my PC running Windows 10 Version 1703. I just hope that the memory usage can be toned down a bit. Sorry for any misunderstanding I may have caused.


Fair enough and certainly no need for an apology. For what it’s worth, Anywhere is using 96.2 MB for me on macOS. A secondary process (Republic Anywhere Helper) is actually using more RAM at 190.6 MB. Generally, I don’t concern myself with RAM management on my Mac. With 8GB of RAM onboard, it’s not been an issue for me.

Even on the desktop though, Anywhere isn’t just a syncing app. The desktop client maintains a discrete connection to Republic’s servers. This is why Anywhere on the desktop will continue to work even if one’s phone is off, lost, stolen, etc.


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