Republic Anywhere Mixing Threads

Moto G7, My Choice + 1 GB

For the last few days, my text message threads in Anywhere are getting mixed up.

For example, I texted Husband. When he replies, I get the reply with his name and image in the text thread for BFF. There are now two threads with BFF, both having texts to/from BFF, one also having the text from Husband. If I go to People and Options, it shows BFF’s phone number, but the message from Husband is also there with his corresponding avatar (or whatever you call it).

For one of the texts I replied with Moto Assist voice reply, and that one shows in the BFF thread as well, though he did get my reply and she did not.

I am also getting texts from School right now, and THOSE are showing up in the original Husband text thread.

When I go to my contacts and try to text Husband from there, it opens up BFF’s text thread.

I have tried a normal restart, and I just completed the latest update. Neither had any effect.

Hi Carla,

Are these issues happening on a Republic Wireless activated phone, or on another device such as a computer, tablet, or non-activated phone?

On my republic phone, as listed in the post. I didn’t know you could get texts on an unactivated phone.

Yes, you can get texts on a non-activated phone with Republic Anywhere installed.

I want to proceed cautiously so we don’t end up losing your text messages. As a first step, please refresh the Republic activation. No personal content is deleted when taking this action.

Hi @carla Are you still having this issue?

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