Republic Anywhere Mobile Glitches


I’ve been using Republic Anywhere on my phone (Moto G4) for a while now, and I’m generally pretty pleased. That said, there are a couple of semi-annoying glitches/bugs:

  1. There tends to be a delay between the time that a message comes in, and the time that the notification sounds. This is long enough that if I’m conversing with someone, I may have put my phone down, and assume that the notification sound is a new text arriving (as opposed to notifying me of a text that I already read.

  2. On a semi-regular basis “ghost” versions of prior texts show up in a chat stream, though behind the actual texts. I’ve attached a screenshot of this one:

Has anyone else seen these issues?



Hi @jahli_grene,

Would you mind checking the Date & Time settings in the Android Settings app and make sure Automatic date & time and Automatic time zone are both enabled?



I’ve noticed both of those things on a regular basis, it’s not just you.

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Hi @southpaw,

Yes, both items are enabled. Thanks!

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Ok, thanks for bringing both these issues up. Neither is anything I’ve personally experienced yet.

Could you possibly DM me the entire screenshot? I can understand you not wanting to share it publicly, but I’d like to have a better sense of the issue to share it to the developers.

I’ve noticed a difference in when the text appears on my computer and when I hear my phone notify, but I had not realized the text may also be appearing on the phone ahead of the notification sound. I’ll watch for that.

If others have experienced either issue, I hope they’ll add their voice here. @roberth.e086ta thank you for doing so. Are you also usingn a G4?

Have either of you notice whether the issues happen only when on Wi-Fi or only when on Cell, or both?



Okay @southpaw, just sent a DM with the entire screenshot. Let me know if you don’t get it. As for Wi-Fi vs. Cell, I’m almost always on Wi-Fi (I think) as I work from home so I’m almost always on a fast, trusted network. Also, the nearest cell tower is a couple miles away, so cell signal strength isn’t the best.

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I consider myself a very light user of Republic Anywhere. I have noticed a delay between the time that a message arrives and the time that the notification sounds on my G4 Plus. I have noticed the delayed notification at home on Wi-Fi twice and in the car on Cell once. I also noticed another time on Wi-Fi when I was using my computer, that the phone notification sounded well after the app opened and the message appeared. Since I am a light user, the delay is not an issue for me but it has been noticeable enough to get my attention.

I have not seen any “ghost” versions of prior texts on my G4 Plus or desktop.

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I too have noticed a delay with my notification.usually just a few minutes. Sometimes can be 10 minutes. Samsung S7. All settings are correct. Note the text comes in timely. It’s the notification that is delayed.



Have any of you guys tried switching back to Android Messages and see if that also gives your delayed notification…or if the issue you are experiencing is unique to Republic Anywhere?


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