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I was having the same issue. I cleared cache and data, then stopped and restarted the app. I think that fixed it…time will tell.

Update: didn’t work. I’m getting multiple notifications, even for old messages.

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We were getting multiple notification issues with text messages on our Moto G6 running the Moto app. Appears to be related to a recent Moto app update. Not sure if this would impact Republic Anywhere. We don’t use the app. We do see the issue using the standard Google Messages app and the issue seems to be related to the text message notifications and not the app used to send and receive the texts.

Are you both running the Moto app and getting multiple notifications for all text messages? Especially if your using the “Peek Display” screen enabled in Moto Display. If so, read this link about what we have done (temporarily) to stop the multiple notifications.

Might not have anything to do with your problem but wanted to share what we’ve experienced.

Hope this helps and doesn’t send you down the wrong path :grinning:

I’m trying reverting the Moto Display app back to factory settings (thanks freddyp). Let’s see if that fixes it. :crossed_fingers:

Update:. The problem still happens. I have noticed that it mostly happens when Republic Anywhere is running in the background.

I’m seeing similar issues on my G5 Plus. When I get a notification, I get multiple sounds, and the log (attached) lists texts that were already read…some hours before. For instance, there are 4 notifications at 6:40pm, but only the first one was new.

Not sure if the workaround applies to me, but I uninstalled the updates for the Moto app. We’ll see how that goes.

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Happened again this morning. I’m going to temporarily switch to Messages and see what happens.

I switched to the default Google Messages. So far no more multiple text notifications for already read messages. The down side is I really miss being able to sync text messages between the phone and the desktop.

Is Republic Anywhere still being updated? It would be nice to keep using RA.

Have you tried Google Messages for web?

Two days on messages, and no issues.

Hi @ceedee – Thanks for the update.

Are you are still running the factory version of the Moto app?

I think you stated earlier that you rolled back to the factory version and are not using the 4-17-2019 update in the Play Store. Just want to confirm the version of the Google Messages and Moto Display app to help get to the bottom of the problem.

Can confirm that the Moto Group is investigating the notification issue reported for the Moto Display app.

I’m running the latest versions of messages and moto display.


Thanks for the suggestion. Google Message for the web should work for me at home. Unfortunately I cannot scan the QR code at work, since phones are not allowed in the spaces.

@ceedeewee - thanks for sharing your experience.

Just updated one of our Moto G6’s the the latest Google Messages app released on 4-22-2019 and the last update for the Moto Display app released on 4-17-2019 and it DID NOT solve the notification issue for us.

We’ll just wait and see what the Moto Display Team comes up with. They have asked several people who submitted reviews to send more information. Reverted back to factory version and things are working ok.

Think I have the same issue, but my arlo app also triggers multiple notification sounds on one event.

Just installed the Moto Display app that was updated on 5-2-2019. The update DOES NOT fix the notification issue on our Moto G6’s running Oreo. Reverted to factory. Maybe others will have different results.

I switched back to Republic Anywhere as my default text app. So far no more multiple notifications for old messages.
Although on my desktop my replies are no longer listed as coming from me. The avatar is the question mark instead of my first initial. Other than that both the phone and desktop are in sync.

Hi @jayBJr,

In the status tray on your desktop, click the ^ and right-click on the anywhere icon. There’s a “sync contacts” option there that will clear up that confusion, though it might take a couple of tries.

My mom is having the same issue with her Moto E5 Play, using the Moto messags app. She had to turn all notifications off for her text messages, because when she opens any message it starts “dinging like a slot machine.” The latest updates to the app (it’s set to update automatically, I think) have not fixed the issue.

I’m dealing with the issue at a remove right now, since she lives 2 hours away, but I’ll get the phone in my hands this weekend. She’s 79 years old (although quite sharp) so I am not sure whether there’s an easy fix that she’s overlooking or if there’s really something wrong with the app/phone.

Can anyone take me through the steps to help her with this?

Thanks in advance.

@katherineh.fh5aw7 - is your mother running the Moto apps like Moto Display?

We had the notification problem you describe. The issue for us was related to the Moto Display app and not the Republic Anywhere app. We do not use the Anywhere app so can’t say for certain what we did below will help.

We installed the Moto Display app update that was posted on 5-6-2019 (Version 06.094.2) on our Moto G6’s and the multiple notification sound issue appears to be fixed! Moto Display and notification sounds has been running great for a few days now with no issues. We even went back and turned on automatic app updates.

Might try updating the Moto Display app and see if that fixes the problem. Hope this makes sense and helps!

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Thank you for the reply!

I don’t think she is using Republic Anywhere. But yesterday, somewhere in these threads, I found something indicating that the way the messaging app was opened might be triggering the notifications. Apparently she was opening the messages by swiping up from the notification shown on the center of the screen, and so I told her to “wake up” the phone and swipe down from the top and tap the message in that window. Voila, no noises! So at least that’s a temporary fix.

When I get up there this weekend I’ll see if I can update the Moto Display app. She does have automatic updates set up, but maybe that one isn’t included or something.


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