Republic Anywhere - My Experience


I was skeptical about RA, but loaded it on my wife’s iPad a while back so that she could text from that device. Didn’t load it on her phone, so while you could indeed text from the iPad, it was missing certain features like contact integration. But she doesn’t like change and I didn’t want to change her texting app on her phone. The good news is that it works fine on the iPad and she likes that capability.

I then loaded it onto my Windows 10 desktop computer one day when I needed to text some pics that were on the desktop and this seemed like the easiest way to do that. The good news is that it works fine on my Windows 10 desktop.

After those 2 successes, I decided that maybe I should indeed load RA onto my wife’s phnoe since she is on the RW 2.0 plans and can only use the basic texting app, and RA might be an upgraded for her. But I decided that I should load RA onto my phone and test it first. That’s where things fell apart.

My phone: Nexus 6P running Android 8.1. Over the next few days after I loaded RA, I started noticing that text notification was flakey and random. Sometimes I would get my audible notification and sometimes I wouldn’t. Strange, and irritating, but maybe not a deal breaker. I kept using RA but also noticed that sometimes friends seemed to take a LOT longer responding to my texts than usual. I didn’t really think too much more about it until one night we were at my daughter’s house and all of a sudden both she and my son-in-law received some texts that I had sent to them earlier in the day. I started watching more closely after that and found that sometimes people would get my texts right away and sometimes not until hours later. All recipients were using Pixel phones with Android 8.1.

So, that was the final straw. I removed RA from my phone and went back to Textra, and now my texts are once again being delivered reliably. Maybe I’ll look at RA again in a few months after it has gone through some more development cycles, but it simply wasn’t reliable enough for me. Perhaps for others it is. Perhaps it is something unique about my phone/os/ect. But whatever the case, it simply isn’t reliable.

I will, however, leave it running on the iPad and on my Windows 10 desktop, as it does appear to work well on those platforms.


Hi @fisher99,

Thanks for the valuable feedback. Did you do any troubleshooting at all with on the delayed text messages?


Anywhere does have contact sync with Apple or iOS. Only with Android.

I could have sworn I read that Anywhere is only for the 3.0 compatible devices and not for the “legacy” 2.0/1,0/Beta phones. But I can seem to find where I read that. The Anywhere FAQ just says Android devices using Android 5.1 or higher.

I have used both Anywhere and Textra on my Nexus 5X and Pixel XL (both on 8.1) without any delays. So something certainly seems not right if you were having a delay.

For me, the Anywhere Android app needs a black theme. The PC software needs basic features implemented like delete messages. (permanent delete would be nice too). I also found I can’t make use of Anywhere on phone as the app does not fully work with my Pebble Smartwatch.

There are several very popular 3rd party apps that do the same things as Anywhere and are far more feature rich. But they would not be “native” to your cell service.


Anywhere work on the legacy devices (when it’s installed on a Legacy phone it converts the SMS/MMS to IP base like 3.0 phones use


Are the contacts on your wife’s phone synced with her Google account? If so, you might be interested in this: Adding a Google (or Other) Account to an iOS Device.


The Anywhere app for iOS devices doesn’t sync contacts at all.

Not really, iOS devices have a Contacts app just like Android. The iOS Contacts app is capable of syncing contacts with a variety of services just like Android. Among the services iOS devices are capable of syncing with is Google.


Other than doing some things on my own like re-booting the phone a couple of times, no. I didn’t place a support ticket for the problem. I don’t want to sound like one of those guys who just wants to gripe and not actually work with support, but I’m afraid that I just don’t have time at this point to put the effort into it. I just need texting to work reliably. Maybe I’ll give Android RA another try after it gets a few more version updates under its belt and matures a bit. In the meantime I will continue using it on my wife’s iPad and on my Windows desktop. Just not on the phones.


That sounds good.

If you find some available time, keep in mind that it will take support tickets and examples for our technicians and engineers to identify any causes for these sorts of delays.