Republic Anywhere - new phone - don't see old messages - why?

I recently switched from a Moto G 1st generation to a Moto X Pure (XT1575) and am pretty happy with the phone. However, when I installed the RW Anywhere app, it did not sync my complete history of text messages to the phone. Looking at the official request thread, I see this feature is not a bug, but a requested enhancement.

Well, OK. If you say so…

If anyone else wants to request that feature, you can go here and “like” the feature request. It has only 3 likes/votes so far.

The complete list of text messages appear on the Windows Republic Anywhere app, so I’m puzzled by their absence on the phone. Can anyone explain why they wouldn’t sync :question:


Hi @rbdigital

I cannot explain why, but I believe when RWA is installed on a new device, it will only sync the last 30 days of data. Maybe someone can jump in and explain the reasoning for this.


Hi @rbdigital,

As I understand it, Anywhere doesn’t sync message content between old and new phone nor is it intended to. Each endpoint (phone or computer running the Anywhere app all have a separate connection to Republic’s servers. So, I would think anything on the server would end up on one’s phone and/or computer running an Anywhere app. I’ll concede that makes the fact content on your computer (and presumably Republic’s servers doesn’t make it to your phone puzzling.

The above said, I don’t believe there’s a reason using Anywhere would preclude other methods of moving message content from one phone to another. Many of us prefer this app to do so:


I would be gratified if it synced 30 days of data, but it didn’t sync anything…

OK, that may only be in the Beta channel testing. I haven’t switched devices for awhile. I think @rolandh nailed it with…

did you install it on the old phone first while it was still active to sync the history ?

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Thanks @rolandh for the suggestion! I have some experience with SMS Backup+, so I used it to transfer the text messages. It seemed to go just fine and now my whole history of text messages is moved to the new phone.

It didn’t duplicate any messages either, or at least not that I can tell.

But it seems counter-intuitive I should need to do this. If after all, each device (Android, PC, IOS, etc) running Republic Anywhere has a separate connection to the Republic Anywhere server (which stores the “master” copy of your SMS/MMS database), then every device should see exactly the same messages.

I really like Anywhere! I just don’t understand how it works. And yes, I read through the FAQ.

Yes, I’ve been using Anywhere on my old phone for about a month…

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I did say in my initial reply that I found your experience puzzling because seemingly the content would have been on Republic’s servers and, therefore, would transfer to the new phone.

I am neither a Republic employee or an Anywhere developer. I’m not qualified to answer that part of the question. :slightly_smiling_face: Meanwhile, I offered SMS Backup + as a means of “solving” the immediate problem.


I also found odd that Anywhere did not transfer message history to a newly activated phone. I originally thought this was a bug or glitch and opened a ticket about it a couple of weeks ago. I’ve quoted an excerpt from the response below.

Whenever you reactivate a phone, even as a replacement, the text message history does not travel along with the phone…you will be able to see the history on your computer for up to 30 days, but the phone will act as though it is a new phone with no history as of yet. To prevent this in the future, you can back up text messages using a third party app, however, we cannot troubleshoot or provide support for third party apps.

I think this would be a great addition to Anywhere and added it as a feature request here: Official Republic Anywhere Feature Request Thread Feel free to “like” that post if you would like to see the feature added; with the killing off of the Think Tank this is how Republic is tracking feature request popularity for Anywhere.

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The reason this is missing on the phone isn’t because we didn’t think the feature was important but rather that there were bugs in the implementation of it when we launched Anywhere publicly. In the spirit of getting the app out we disabled syncing messages on Android devices instead of delaying the launch to fix the issues we experienced.

We’ve since fixed a lot of the problems we found, but there’s still a bit more work until it’s released. Once it is you’ll be asked if you’d like to sync your messages from the server if you start Anywhere on a new Republic phone. Or, if you’d like to erase what’s currently on the phone and pull down everything on the server you can do that at any time through the settings.

If you’d like to upvote the feature request, please do so; but this feature was one we always planned to address and will release it regardless of the number of votes :grinning:


Thanks @ryan_m, your explanation makes perfect sense!

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