Republic Anywhere not compatibie with Moto G?

What phone do you have?
Moto G (HW Version P3C)

What plan are you on?
Republic Refund Plan

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
Plan includes Data

Issue Description

Now that Republic Anywhere is back in the Google Play store, it says “Your device isn’t compatible with this version” when I try to download it.

My Moto G phone is running Android Version 5.1 and thus meets the minimum requirements listed at Republic Anywhere Minimum System Requirements – Republic Help .

I’ve tried rebooted my phone and the problem still remains.


Hi @rbdigital,

The Google Play Store has made some changes that required us to update the app. Unfortunately, this newly updated version of Anywhere is not compatible with Android 5.1.

We’ve updated the help article with the new information.

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