Republic ANYWHERE not showing NAMES on uninstall/reinstall (for WINDOWS) ...... shows ONLY the phone#s?

ANYWHERE "windows app" NOT showing NAMES associated w/phone#'s in the WINDOWS APP on laptop.

What phone do you have? S7edge

What plan are you on? choice

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? both

Issue Description

after uninstalling / reinstalling republic ANYWHERE windows app to use texting on laptop the TEXT field ONLY shows the NUMBERS and NOT the NAMES associated w/ those numbers!
What am I doing wrong???

the ANYWHERE app is BUGGY!
Quits often and I have to uninstall/reinstall more than I should have to!

time for RW to step up its game! If ‘dish’ wants to retain the existing RW client base.

This is a personal answer, not an official one, but that answer would be “Using Anywhere”. It has been several years since Anywhere has been actively developed. While it has some advantages to using a more modern, supported solution (specifically Google Messages) it also has a number of “quirks” and disadvantages. The biggest advantage is that Anywhere syncs directly with Republic’s messaging servers, allowing it to work even if your phone doesn’t or isn’t connected to the network. Messages on the other hand connects to your phone to retrieve messages, so the phone must be working and connected to the network.

So personally, I would stop using Anywhere, but you may also want to try this:



So if I transition to “google messages” will all my RW text messages from the past
sync up w/google messages?

Any message that is currently on your phone would be available in Messages.


… hmmmm, this is going to take some figuring out. Thanks for your “personal” input!
That ANYWHERE ‘windows’ app has always been BUGGY !!