Republic Anywhere not working on MacBook Air running Mojave 10.14.2

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I’ve been in contact with RW techs but not getting anywhere. So, thought I’d throw this out to the community. Downloaded RA to my MacBook Air running Mojave 10.14.2 but only the icon will come up in the dock along with the “Republic Anywhere” tab but no other tabs. No screen will come up or anything. However it works perfectly fine on my MacBook Pro (which I am getting rid of shortly due to a lease).

What I’ve done: I’ve deleted it and reinstalled it; I’ve deleted the cache and reinstalled it; I’ve downloaded the Beta version; I saved it to my hard drive from my MacBook Pro (which It works on) and tried to download it from that file–nothing! Arrgh!! Help!!


Hi @kirkb.qm3x6m,

Typically, I’m the guy who installs the latest and greatest operating system update on his devices. The last couple of months haven’t been typical for me, so I’ve yet to install Mojave on one of my Macs. I’ll get that done in the next day or two, then see if I’m able to reproduce your experience.

Hi @kirkb.qm3x6m,

I have installed macOS Mojave (10.14.2) on my 12" MacBook. Anywhere seems to work as expected, so the issue wouldn’t seem to be an inherent conflict between Anywhere and Mojave.

You’ve mentioned deleting then reinstalling Anywhere. As I’m sure you know on a Mac all that does is remove the application itself. It doesn’t remove any support files, some of which may have become corrupted. I note you also mention deleting the cache. Are you referring to the process outlined by Republic here: How to Clear Republic Anywhere Cache on a Mac – Republic Help? What beta are you referring to? The Mac beta?

Have you considered resetting the local content? Doing so would wipe out messages older than 30 days on the Mac but won’t remove them from your phone (or other devices running Anywhere).

Hi @kirkb.qm3x6m,

We’re you able to get this resolved?

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