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I just installed Republic Anywhere on my wife’s iPad (running IOS 11.2.5). She is using the stock “Messaging” app on her RW 2.0 Moto X (2nd Gen) which is running Android 5.1. Two questions about how RA is working on the iPad:

First: I don’t see a way to delete texts within a conversation. Long pressing on a text simply brings up the Apple Cut/Copy menu. Swiping on the text doesn’t do anything. How do you delete individual texts within a conversation?

Second: If she has a text conversation with someone while she is using RA on the iPad, and then goes to her Moto X, all she sees on the Moto X is the other person’s texts. The texts that she typed in RA on the iPad do not show up on her Moto X. Conversely, however, if she has a text conversation with someone while she is on the Moto X, both sides of the conversation show up in RA on the iPad. Why doesn’t RA on the iPad show both sides of the conversation?


Hi @fisher99

In regards to your first question, texts cannot be deleted in IOS. Please see this document for further details: Can I Delete Texts from Republic Anywhere? – Republic Help .

In regards to the second question, you need to use RA as the primary texting app on the X2. That’s why you are not seeing your texts in the conversation on the phone. Both devices need to have the RA app. See this document for further details: Republic Anywhere FAQs – Republic Help .

I hope that helps!



Yes, that helps, although I certainly am not thrilled with the answers (not your fault, of course). Do you know if the inability to delete texts in IOS is a design feature, or is it an anomaly that RW is working on fixing? My wife likes to clean up individual texts in conversations, although not always wanting to delete or even archive an entire conversation.

As for having to use the RA app for texting on the Moto X, I guess that does make sense. I’ll load it up for her and have her give it a try, although she’s a “computer-phobe” and hates change…

Thanks for your quick response!

Hi @fisher99!

I am not totally sure about whether it’s a design choice or an anomaly. I am inclined to say that there is something preventing them from letting IOS delete texts (anomaly). I don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t make that a feature available if it was at all possible. Of course, Republic is constantly working on Anywhere to enable more features so it’s plausible that this functionality could come to IOS eventually. I am not sure who can get a definitive answer on this, but @southpaw should know.


There is nothing inherent to iOS that prevents Anywhere from deleting text messages. Delete, to date, is only available on Android. There is no delete on the desktop (Windows, macOS or Linux) apps either, only archive.

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Checked on mime and do not even see an option to archive.

If that is the case, do you have any insight as to why RW has not implemented the ability to delete text messages on platforms other than Android?

Candidly, I do not. Adding the feature to platforms other than Android is a popular request that Republic is well aware of. If you wish, you may add your voice by liking the suggestion here: Official Republic Anywhere Feature Request Thread.

Thanks. I did visit the link you provided and the only one I see that is related to deleting individual text messages is for the Desktop app, but I “like’d” it anyway.

I downloaded Anywhere on my Ipad and everything went ok except it only identifies people by phone number not names. Is there anything I can do to correct this ?

Hi @davidk.k5v3k0,

It may be that you don’t have your Google account contacts on your iPad. Please see here: Adding a Google (or Other) Account to an iOS Device.


They say " ask and ye shall receive ". Thanks. Everything working fine now.

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