Republic Anywhere on pc is highly useful

hello -

i just wanted to say how extraordinarily useful the Republic Anywhere windows desktop app is.

quite often (well, TOO often, but that is beside the point) I am developing software that requires frequent two-factor-authentication verification. with the Anywhere app running, I can get the authentication code virtually instantly and even copy/paste the secret code.

if there are any other highly useful tools i am overlooking, please let me know.


Anywhere on an Android wifi only tablet is great too.

Candidly, that depends upon whether one is talking about an Android tablet or an iPad. The iOS version of Anywhere is lacking particularly with regard to MMS.


Hear, hear!

Just want to add my support and appreciation for the existence of Republic Anywhere (in my case, on a Windows PC). And thanks to RW for doing whatever was needed a few months ago to restore Contacts sync there to proper functioning.

I understand that choices have been made to discontinue support for Anywhere. But that is, to me, an unhappy thing. Glad that it continues to serve!

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I agree. I work from home, so I do almost all my texting at the computer - so much faster than on the phone. I only wish it had emojis! :grinning:

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It does! From within a conversation, click the plus sign to the lower left:

Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 12.41.48 PM

Doing so presents this:

Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 12.42.22 PM


I loved the anywhere desktop app, but about three months ago it stopped working. Opens and crashes almost instantly. Too bad

OMG! Thank you! :star_struck:


Douglasp, it works fine here.
Perhaps try completely uninstalling it, then reinstalling??

Nope. Tried that a bunch of times, no luck. It was weird, because it worked on my wife’s machine. Then whatever update happened to kill it on mine did the same thing on hers a week ago.

The support ticket said there is a problem they are working on, but I don’t know if it will be resolved anytime soon

The app is great. I can keep up with messages at work without having to take my hand away from keyboard to pickup phone.

Too bad RW dropped LInux support.

I thought support for this was discontinued, but maybe it was discontinued only for Mac support. I would love to go back to it. Android Messages for Web is ok, but I’ve noticed that sometimes messages don’t go through (but appear to). I’m not sure if it’s the network or the app. Not sure how I’d be able to troubleshoot that even, but I suspect it’s the app.

Hi @spaghettichef,

Candidly, there’s much confusion surrounding support for Anywhere. My understanding is support for Anywhere still exists, at least, on a “best effort” basis. Translated what this means is Republic continues to do its best to keep Anywhere up and running for those who wish to continue using it as is.

What is not happening is active development meaning, as of now, no new features should be expected. For what it’s worth, I continue to use Anywhere on my Mac, which is running the latest macOS Catalina 10.15.6. Anywhere on Mac is no more or less supported than any other platform. What will happen when Apple’s forthcoming “Big Sur” rolls out remains to be seen. Should time permit, I might grab the Big Sur public beta to see.

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@ rolandh That is more accurate, so thanks for making that clarification. Based on this email I received in May 2019, I guess I assumed it would be all down hill from that point and made the switch.

so just when i start to really appreciate something like republic-anywhere, support is dropped? is anything going to take its place on a PC?

stupid question: any chance of putting the code on GitHub and making it open-sourced?

Lack of active development and support being dropped is not the same thing. More to the point, Anywhere continues to work on multiple Macs for me. If it continues to work for you, there’s no need to stop using it.

Google offers Messages for Web. A significant downside of Messages for Web, in my opinion, is the need for one’s phone using Messages by Google must be powered on and connected to the Internet (WiFi or cell) for Messages for Web to work.

It would be nice but is not likely.

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thanks Rolandh - maybe the micro$oft desktop environment is a little passe now?

i never understood why some of these project that do not appear to be actively maintained are not moved over to github. for example, iDrive recently switched from a python interface to a perl based (hmmm strange move). yet the new perl interface eliminates the command-line switches, which are easily added into the code. i should think they would have their perl-based interface available on github for changes like these.

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