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I’ve got a question/concern. Downloaded Anywhere last night and this morning at 8:30 received a text message that was sent to me at 4:30am. My phone only picked up the message when i connected to a wifi network.

Some other items…my house is having wifi issues right now so it is possible that my phone was trying to connect to the wifi there and thus did not use data to check for messages…my phone got the message when i stopped at a coffee shop and connected to their wifi.

Also putting another request for Anywhere to have a Chromebook app available. Is this in development? Timeline? Not planned? It’ll be nice when my chromebook can use android apps, but for now it aint so.

Moto Z Play


I stopped short of continuing the completion of the syncing process when it asked the question, “Replace this as your NEW SMS messaging app!” What if you use GV as your current messaging platform? Does “anywhere” allow PICS, *.jpg files, etc. to be sent or it strictly a plain text msging app? Because GV currently works on both IOS & android platforms NOW. I’ve read the other concerns & questions of other posts, which are valid, that it’s a misrepresentation if “ANYWHERE” doesn’t cover the majority of tablets their user base is using. Which IMO is EVERTHING…so are we beta testing this and not being told we are?

Hi @cyberwoman,

We have a separate BETA channel for those who signed up to test the product for us, and testing has been ongoing for several months. This release is not BETA.

Anywhere does allow you to send both SMS and MMS.

If you feel the support for iOS is vital to your use, you should continue to use Google Voice for now.

I have a hard time reading a white font against a light green background. Please fix this right away.

Can you give an example what what you are having a hard time reading?

Anyone know what the status is with them fixing the issue of this app not working with proxy servers? It is saying no internet connection.

Status is that we are working on proxy support.


Try copying off of what Microsoft Teams App did, works fine on my computer.

I’m in the beta group but lost know how to find that channel.

Anyway, I keep having to to sign in on my computer, seems like daily. How about a “keep me signed in” option? Also, still waiting for my T shirt. Is that still in the pipeline?

Hi @royrose,

The Anywhere BETA category is here: Community Forums and you’ll have to “join” to view the content. (Joining the category here in Community does not affect your status in the BETA group.)

You might put the “keep me signed in” option in the recommendations thread. Republic Anywhere recommendations, although I’m not experiencing daily logouts, I don’t think.

The T-shirts are still in the works. We had to get the orders tallied up and processed.

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I had a hard time reading the text when I was outside due to the lack of
contrast between the light green and white font. Example attached.

Moderator’s note: Since an individual’s first and last name and photo were displayed, I have removed the picture, but stored the example for @bsmith in case he needs it.

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I am not sure if I missed this, but here is my situation: I have Anywhere on my republic phone (Google Pixel) and on my work windows laptop. Can I also add it to my work cell phone, which is a Nexus 5x unlockeck (used to be on republic). It’s service is through a different provider, but it would be great to not miss personal messages when I leave my personal phone behind while at work. I keep getting an error saying “Unsupported Device”.

I installed the republic app and have it running on the phone (even though I don’t have a republic sim in the phone), but now I am getting an “Authentication Error. Could not authenticate this device. Please make sure you have an active data connection…”

See my answer here
In short the current Android anywhere app is only for active Republic phones, but Republic is working on a app for Android tablets and non Republic phones

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There are other Android apps that will give you the same functionality…more or less.
I used mySMS before moving to Anywhere.

The big difference is the need for the phone to be on and connected to the network. Because RWA is connected to the Republic servers directly, it is far more like T-Mobile Digits than like any of the syncronization apps.

Just tried to install Anywhere on my Windows 10 laptop, I got to the setup screen that says “2. sync devices”, SEND NOTIFICATION TO YOUR PHONE ?, does not send, restarted laptop, there is no Icon to start the app on the PC, I had to click the install to run it again even though the “apps” shows it’s installed. I guess my MotoG (16gb version 1) is not compatible. :frowning:

Hi @kays.68rlb2,

Could you check in Settings > About phone and tell us what version of Android is on your Moto G 1st gen? I believe the phone app does require that the phone be updated to Android 5.1 to be compatible.

Thank you to all who have contributed in this thread. I’m locking because it is very broad in scope.

For feature requests, please post here: Official Republic Anywhere Feature Request Thread

For other questions, please search to make sure your question hasn’t already been asked, and if it hasn’t, start a new post with a clear title that is relevant to your topic.

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