Republic Anywhere questions

Just installed Republic Anywhere. Looking forward to using it!
Two questions right now:

  1. Can we change the colors??? I can’t stand the color scheme of this thing. Plus it’s not easy to read white type on pastel backgrounds.

  2. Will it work just like the Messaging app in terms of cell/data etc.? Will we still get free texting while roaming? The app’s settings have “receipt of MMS messages while roaming” turned off by default. Is this because they will cost us money? or just because RW wants to try and save a bit of bandwidth if it can?

Thanks, RW, for continuing to make our experience better!!!

Moto X (1st gen.)
RW 2.0 plan


Great questions!

I’d love to customize my colors too, but for now you unfortunately can’t change them. However, we’re always working on new features so this might be something that makes it’s way into a future version.

Anywhere will work just like the Messaging app in terms of cell data. Data used by Anywhere will NOT count against your monthly data usage. The “receipt of MMS messages while roaming” setting is turned off by default because it’s not essential for the app to function.

Also, if you haven’t already, be sure to check out our Republic Anywhere FAQs!


Also, thanks for the link to the FAQs. i couldn’t find that earlier!!! And a link in an older message gave me an ‘access denied’ message.

Still loving my RW phones (moto x, moto g3, moto g4, moto g4+) and plans (2.0 and 3.0).


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Hi @dondtus,

The Anywhere team has considered this suggestion in relation to the eventual goals for the project. Keep in mind, this isn’t the final iteration. Thanks for your feedback!

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Downloaded the Republic Anywhere app on my Moto G4 plus and my Mac mini desktop. Disappointed that it will not load on my iPad though. On your promo email it says, in big bold letters. “Connect where you are, on any device, with Republic Anywhere.” If you scroll down far enough you will see the disclaimer, that support for tablets and iOS devices will be coming soon. I have been with Republic for a long time. I even set up phones for my elderly in-laws on my account because of the excellent service and the great value you bring to this market. I switched to Republic because you are different. You were not like the others that promised things they could not deliver. Perhaps, until the app is fully functional, you should change the wording to say “on nearly any device” to correct the misleading statement. Come on, Republic. You are better than this.

Hi @bobf.vhu8q7,

I do concede you have a point in that “Connect where you are, on any device, with Republic Anywhere.” is more aspirational goal than reality in this first iteration of Anywhere.

On the other hand, where does one draw the line as far as defining “any device” is concerned. To the best of my knowledge, there are not yet plans for smartwatch compatibility. A Linux native app is a surprisingly popular request. Should Anywhere also run on BSD UNIX?

It’s not my intent to argue but likely, Anywhere will never run on every conceivable device out there.

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Perhaps “on any COMPATIBLE device” might be a more honest way to market this product. Again, I love the way it works, just a little miffed that it was presented in a manner that was misleading to many.

I could live with the compatible qualifier but marketing was never my strength. :wink:

Hi @bobf.vhu8q7,

Since you’ve been with us such a long time, you know that we do release things in stages and continue to work to make them better. We felt there was value in making Anywhere publicly available to currently-compatible devices rather than waiting until every possible device was supported. I’m sorry for the disappointment you experienced once you made it to the fine print disclaimer. Please know that iOS support is a high priority, and I’m hopeful the wait will not be too long.

I understand how the rolling release process works. Republic does it as well as anyone. And I fully agree that making Anywhere available to currently compatible devices is a a big plus to us all. I also know how hard this company works to put the best possible product on the market for it’s customers. I fully expect iOS support to be available very soon. My disappointment did not come when, as you put it, “i made it to the fine print disclaimer”. It came when I had to spend a significant amount of time on the phone with my in-laws (octogenarians, both) trying to explain why Anywhere would not work on their iPad when the email they received clearly said it would work on any device. At our house, we don’t say it if it is not true. I have come to expect misleading statements in ads from car dealerships, internet service providers, and most cellular providers. I did not expect them from Republic Wireless.

Mighty Text
Anyone want to comment on how this app compares to Mighty Text? I’ve been using that for a long time and I like it. I’ve used it enough that I paid for it… no more nagging and I think there is some kind of upgrade, like being able to see pictures from texts or sumptin. whoopie.

Mighty Text requires that your phone be on-line, it works in a web page and the SMS is sent through your phone, I think . If your phone is dead or off line, it doesn’t work. I take it Republic’s App does work if your phone is OOO? Like if you dropped it in the ocean and what not, you could grab your network connected laptop (oh. network… gotta have the 'net) and send/rcv texts?

I like the qwerty interface on a real KB for sending messages but the likelihood I’d have a computer rather than my phone with me are about zero unless I left my phone sitting on a gas pump in Coeur d’Alene .

anyone, anywhere, wanna comment/ compare?

Hi @gak,

I’ve dabbled with MightyText but can’t say I’m qualified to compare it to Anywhere. That said, I think you’ve summed up Anywhere’s advantage quite nicely. The desktop app’s connection to Republic’s servers is separate and discrete. Messages sent from the desktop app are not sent via your phone. Lost phone, stolen phone or broken phone, Anywhere would still work.

“on any COMPATIBLE device”

Don’t think they are intended to be misleading but sometimes RW doesn’t think enough prior to leaping and then stick to and defend their descriptions/decisions even though a small change such as was suggested would be appropriate.

I would love the web interface for the exact reasons @dondtus said. Also, what is the best way to handle multiple accounts with this? I know my wife doesn’t want to get alerts on the computer every time I get a text.

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Another voice for a web interface (preferred with a chrome add-on )

If you and your wife don’t keep separate logins on the computer, you’d need to log out of Anywhere when you leave the computer.

I downloaded the app yesterday and am thankful for the ability to text from my computer while at work. I’ve been wanting that for a while. The design of the app isn’t my favorite. I feel like there is a lot of wasted space in the margins which makes texts stretch out and take up more of the screen. I see from the FAQs that I can still use a 3rd party app like Google Messenger (I don’t mind that texts sent from my computer wont sync back to my messenger app) but my question is once I initially set up the Anywhere app on my phone, does the Anywhere app need to stay installed on my phone in order to use the computer app? I would rather use Google Messenger for my texts but don’t want to have to keep 2 texting apps stored on my limited phone memory. Thanks for the feedback!

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One new benefit: Fewer missed messages?

If my phone was on WiFi in an area without cell coverage & I was off the WiFi at some point (or phone was off), messages to me could often get sent out to the cell network for delivery. Once an SMS or MMS message was sent out to the cell network, it would no longer attempt delivery once my phone was back on Wifi. Because of this, when I traveled to areas with little or no cell coverage, I had missed messages.

It appears (I’m surprised it hasn’t been emphasized more, it this is correct) that Republic Anywhere addresses this issue. I sent a message to myself with my Republic Wireless phone off & then I got it when my phone was back on. However, I just realized that I didn’t have my phone off for very long & the message may not have been given up to the cell-only delivery option.

Since messages can be delivered to MS Windows systems when the phone is broken/off for extended time, I am assuming that with Republic Anywhere, there has been a change such that messages no longer would get shunted to a cell-only delivery path if the phone were off for days or weeks. Is this correct?

Hi @tylerm.2vhffm,

Just to be sure others reading are not confused by response, let me first repeat that in order for Anywhere to work as intended, the app needs to be used on the computer as well as the phone.
We will not be able to offer technical support for Anywhere in cases where a third-party app is being used on the phone.

With these limitations in mind, the answer to your specific question is no, the Anywhere app does not need to be on the phone in order for Anywhere to work on the computer in an unsupported manner.

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