Republic Anywhere RA-599 error

Republic Anywhere has worked fine on my computer for several years. But in the last month it will not connect to the internet giving a RA-599 Network connect error. I use Norton as my anti-virus and Anywhere is permitted in the firewall.

Issue Description

I use Windows 10 and it is fully updated. I use NordVPN, but have done so for many years while Anywhere has been installed and working.

Hi @trotter,

We’ve seen this before and the issue may very well be related to your VPN and/or Norton. Rules sometimes get updated without our knowing it. Please see if temporarily disabling your VPN and/or anti-virus allows Anywhere to work. I don’t necessarily intend for this to be a permanent “solution”. For reference:

It appears to be a startup problem with Anywhere if the VPN is running. It fails to start/detect the internet and the “Retry” button isn’t effective if the VPN is running. However, if I pause the VPN, logout of Anywhere and then reload/log in to it, then unpause the VPN Anywhere will run fine. I can send and receive messages under that scenario with the VPN running. Sounds like some kind of registration problem with the Republic servers?

If your VPN and/or firewall allow for it, you might try whitelisting the URLs noted here:

If Anywhere is able to reach Republic’s servers with the VPN paused, I don’t see how it’s possible to conclude the VPN is not somehow involved. It may be as simple as Republic’s servers and the VPN not getting along.

Does your VPN allow for URL whitelisting? If so, did whitelisting some or all of the URLs suggested help?

Hello @trotter Are you still having this issue?

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