Republic Anywhere Review

Just a quick note to say how much I like the Republic Anywhere App. I use it on MacBook Pro. I can type much faster and easier on a laptop than a phone.
My one critique is that you can’t delete text messages, tho, like I can on my phone.
I have gotten junk texts and wish that I could delete them.
Other than that, I think it’s great.


Hi @timf.wto3cg and welcome to the Community!

I agree with your sentiment toward Republic Anywhere. That said, I’m sorry to say Anywhere is no longer being actively developed. That doesn’t mean one need stop using it if it’s working for them. It does mean one should not expect new features like the ability to delete messages on a device other than one’s Republic phone.

For what it’s worth, you may archive those spam texts. Doing so won’t delete them from your Mac but will hide them, so you’re not looking at them.


It’s a crying shame that Republic Anywhere has been abandoned. It’s such a useful app and unique to Republic. I’ve reported a few bugs that would make it so much better if fixed, but now it seems that Republic no longer cares. How about putting in a little more development to make it stable before you pull away all the resources?

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As previous user of RW Anywhere…I found it very lacking when compared to other apps already out there. Such as Textra, or even Google Messages. Missing many of the useful and fun features that the others had.

Ultimately, the one thing that made it unique, was that because it was tied into the RW servers, and not pickyback off the users phone, u did not have to have the phone itself on or even connected to wifi/lte for the desktop software to work. Useful for when u have your phone off (most folks never turn their phone off) or if it was lost/stolen, they still could use SMS. Secondary thing, if i recall correctly, u could install the app on another phone, that used a different service or was inactive, and still txt using your RW number.


My primary interest in Republic Anywhere is the ability to read texts on the computer and respond to them using the computer’s keyboard, without needing to pick up the phone. I’ve previously used MightyText, which works well but isn’t free if you send over 75 messages in a calendar month.

I’m currently testing Microsoft Windows built-in Your Phone app. In addition to allowing texting using your computer’s screen & keyboard, it also supports making and answering calls from your computer using its speakers and microphone, sharing photos and notifications across both devices, and even displaying/manipulating your phone’s screen directly from the computer. Looks good so far; I will update after more experience using it.

Have you tried Google’s Messages on the Web? I’ve been using it for many months and like it as a replacement for Anywhere.


The big difference, as mentioned by @SpeedingCheetah above is that Messages on the web, Microsoft My Phone, MightyText or any other solution piggybacks off the phone. If the phone has a dead battery, is at the bottom of the ocean, has been stolen and erased, run over by a car, stolen by a condor, burnt in a fire, in an area without service, stepped on, eaten by a bear, sealed inside a faraday cage, cut in half by a katana, boiled in hot oil, shot with a military laser from space, or just plain malfunctioned, then none of these solutions will get your texts, while in all of them, Anywhere will.


I also love the RW anywhere… It is actually one of my favorite features & I use it every day… I was so sorry to hear it was being tossed to the side & no longer updated.

Yep… I use this every day… I was so sorry to see it tossed & no longer updated… I love it

I use Textra for my phone app and RA on my computers. Only slight downside I’ve noticed is not seeing my part of the conversation on the phone when entered via RA.


I recently made the change from Anywhere to Messages. Occasionally I have problems getting connected to my phone. I loved that Anywhere on my desktop was independent from Anywhere on my phone, but that is the only advantage Anywhere had. On the phone, messages is leaps and bounds the superior option.

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Republic Anywhere is the reason my wife and I stay on RW. There are other competitors now that match or beat the price plus have better coverage. However RA is a real asset. If I forget my phone somewhere I can always stay connected. Plus my wife and I can log into each other’s accounts on RA and check for texts if need be. That’s huge. I beg RW to please supporting RA on the computer. I don’t care if you add any major features or not. Just please support it.

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I used Anywhere religiously until I started getting delayed text receipt on my phone. Switched to Messages, and using Google’s web based Messages solution for texting from my computer, and haven’t had an issue since.

I agree this is a shame though. The ability to send and receive texts even when the phone is offline was a big advantage. I was also bummed when RW discontinued phone calls via Anywhere (beta feature) after using it several times to make calls from my computer with a headset. Put together these features meant that if my phone stopped working, I would be OK taking a few days to get a replacement without losing total access to calls and texts. Oh well.

At the same time, RW service has improved in various ways over the years as well. It’s all compromises.

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