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I had something very similar to my Moto G1 last month. I sent texts and a couple photos to my brother’s phone, these texts were received not by his phone, but on my wife’s phone. He never received the texts or photos. I removed RW Anywhere, then installed the “legacy” RW Anywhere and I think that solved that issue.

But then another issue started on my Linux desktop which I have installed RW Anywhere too. Photos for some, not all of my contacts are getting mixes up now. My sister’s photo (lives in Kansas) is replaced with a friends photo who lives in Texas. My daughter’s photos is switched with someone else I don’t recognize. I’m going to open a ticket for this last issue, probably today. These are the contact’s avatars, not attached photo sent or received.

Hi @richardm.jalqz6,

There’s no need to open a ticket for the second issue where your contact’s image are mixed up on Anywhere on a Linux.

We’ve seen the issue a few times, but there is not a known fix for it, and the app is no longer in development.

I’m experiencing it myself, as well. :disappointed:

Thanks for responding. What’s no longer under development? The Desktop version in general or it being ported for Linux?

Where you using the Linux version?

Anywhere (all versions) is no longer in development.

I’m using the Windows version.

Any recommendation for an alternative?

We support the Messages app by Google, and it does allow syncing to a computer. I see some sources that say it includes support for Linux.

The difference between the two apps is that Republic Anywhere works on your computer or tablet no matter the state of your phone. It could be off, lost, damaged, or completely destroyed, and your text messages would continue to work on your computer. The Google Messages product requires the phone to be turned on and near the computer connected to the internet in order to work.

That’s a great feature that Anywhere has. I was able to use on my desktop when I had lost my phone in a snow bank for several days. I was also able to use Anywhere on a deactivated Sam. S7 while it was lost.

Too bad it stopped being developed.

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More accurate to say on and connected to the internet. Proximity isn’t a factor.

Oh, good. That makes it slightly more usable. I figured I’d get that wrong, but thought something I had read said “nearby.”

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