Republic Anywhere Send/Return key


Please do not change the Return key to Send key. On the Apple iPad, this does not allow a new line in a message.

Either leave the Return key, or create a new line command


Too late, but, hopefully, they’ll change it back.

I agree this is, at best, a curious design choice. I’d very much like to hear the developer’s rationale. @bsmith, might you be available to provide insight?

Please no new command either. There’s already a Send option right next to the text box. The return key need not duplicate that functionality. Changing it back would also harmonize the iOS interface on iPad and iPhone. On iPhone, the return key behaves as one would expect and does not send.


We made this change for two reasons…

  1. Consistency with the desktop app.
  2. Keyboard split/undocked mode was weird to have the Send button below the keyboard.

However, we are still learning iOS and can adapt. We will evaluate on the team. Thanks for the input.


Hmmm…at face value, this seemed like a nice new feature, but I think you are right! We gain a duplicate function, and lose a function. Not a good trade-off.


Thank you for taking the time to provide insight.

I suggest not going overboard in trying to make the iOS experience consistent with the desktop. Like Android, iOS isn’t intended to be a desktop OS. I further suggest the experience should mirror the native iOS Messages app not Anywhere desktop. Native iOS Messages uses the return key to start a new line on both iPad and iPhone.

But there is a send option not below the keyboard:

The above screenshot was taken on an iPad Air running iOS 11 with the Split Keyboard toggled on.

Thank you!