Republic Anywhere shows HTML on iPad

Randomly, incoming text messages show up on my wife’s iPad as HTML text. It doesn’t seem to matter where the texts originate. They can be from my daughter’s Verizon Android phone (using stock Google Messaging) or from my Pixel 2 XL using Republic Anywhere. And it’s not consistent. Often the texts are fine, but randomly they just show as HTML. Her iPad is a late model and is running the latest IOS. I should also note that the texts always show up properly on her Pixel XL (using RA), even when they show up as HTML on her iPad, so I know that it is definitely related to the iPad.

I did a quick search on this forum but didn’t turn up anything. Any thoughts will be appreciated.

Hi @fisher99,

The issue has been previously discussed here: SMS: code leaking on Republic Anywhere: no text messages on Google Messenger. As Anywhere is no longer under active development, there is presently no fix nor a reason to expect one.

One can use Android Messages for Web on an iPad or other iOS device. For now, that’s the best available workaround.

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Thanks for the quick reply. RA is no longer being developed? I wasn’t aware of that. Just my luck. I didn’t see the value of RA in the earlier days and only recently finally decided to give it a try and ended up liking the convenience of the multiple platforms. Seems that I am late to the party, but maybe a bit early to the funeral…

Thanks for the tip on Android Messages for Web. Will check that out.

By the way, was the death of RA announced somewhere that I missed?

There’s been no announcement of its passing as such. There is this: Official Republic Anywhere Feature Request Thread.

It’s not entirely beyond the realm of possibility development will one day be reinvigorated. There is, however, no reason to believe one day will be anytime soon or ever and it pains me to say so.

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