Republic Anywhere spell check, Deleting Texts Video


No spell check, America is at an 8th grade level but we dont need to show it.
Videos when?
How can you delete text messages in Anywhere?


I am also wondering how to delete a text thread while on the computer. See how to do it on phone but cannot find a delete option on the computer.


There is currently no delete option on the Anywhere desktop apps. One can, however, archive a conversation thread by clicking the three dots to the upper right on the open conversation pane.

I agree spell check on the desktop apps would be a worthwhile enhancement.

As for videos while not opposed to it, I’ve never found sending videos via text messaging to be a satisfying experience. Worthwhile video footage, in my opinion is too large. Far better, I think, to save the video to cloud storage like Dropbox or google Drive, then share the link.


Ive seen a lot of unsatisfying videos on youtube but about a billion people disagree with me :o)
To many of us, A short text video can be invaluable on occasion, so we can agree to disagree on that one.
**More importantly I had an issue being unable to respond to a text on the phone with only one specific thread.
I removed RW AW & that corrected the problem.
We have been with RW with our business since 2013 working through many issues but we love the concept.
I think they may have come out of BETA a little early with this one. I’ll try again later when we have time to test it.


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