Republic Anywhere suggestion: Don't send notifications to the phone when I'm using the app on the Computer

No notifications on phone while using the PC app.

While texting from my computer, my phone still vibrates with notifications every time I receive a reply (using the Anywhere app as the default messaging app). It is really annoying to be chatting on the computer and hearing my phone buzzing on my desk constantly. If I were to silence my phone I know I would forget and miss texts on it when I leave my computer, surely it can’t be to hard to not send notifications to the phone while actively using the PC software.

Moderator’s note: This topic was originally posted in the official Republic Anywhere Feature Request thread, but has been branched as a separate thread since a reason the feature can’t be enabled has been given.

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All devices are completely independent of one another. They connect to our servers directly. It would be very complicated to keep track of whether you are actively using your computer and to not send them to the phone and block notifications just during that time. In transition, you could miss notifications which would be worse than being annoyed. Remember we do not send notifications to the phone. The phone plays notifications when it receives a message. We would have to not send messages. That would be bad.

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That’s disappointing. I guess if Android is the one showing the text notifications and not the Anywhere app, that would be a problem.

I was envisioning something like this:

  1. Receive text -> send notification to both phone and PC

  2. Open PC app and reply -> send message to phone to not show text notifications for x minutes or until told otherwise

  3. Close PC app -> send message to phone to allow messages again

I just turned off Notifications within the Anywhere App on my XPure and then from Anywhere on my PC I sent a text to my non Android/non RW phone.
The Text was received on both my XPure and the ‘other’ phone
Would that be a simple solution to your problem?

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This could be an option, not a default.

I keep Anywhere running on my work machine, but I often walk away with my phone in my pocket and need it to notify me. I wouldn’t want to have to close/reopen it every time I walk away.

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Actually, I am kind of loving this feature. When I am using my laptop texting, I don’t want my phone ring in the same time.

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Maybe an app like Shush or similar app will accomplish some of what you want.

Definitely agree that this, assuming it was feasible, should be an option and not the default. I would definitely not use it. My phone is typically not in the same location as my PC, and I would want to be notified in either place, regardless of which device I last sent a reply from, and without having to remember to “close” the PC app (or more precisely, hiding the conversation window).

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