Republic Anywhere Texts Not Delivered if not on Wi-Fi?

Hi. I have not tested this fully with the help of a friend.

Is it possible the Republic Anywhere app only delivers texts when on Wifi, not Cellular?

I know I can make phone calls, use Maps, etc. on cellular, but I’ve had several instances lately where I received no texts when out and then, when I got home, ones from hours earlier popped up.

Since I’m home a lot and I used the original texting app. (Messages?) until recently, I’ve only just noticed this.

Moto E4.

Thx, Jerry

Do you possibly have background data turhed off for the anywhere app? Does texting work on cell if you have the app open?

  1. Maybe. I don’t know what you mean exactly. Just as a matter of principle, I do like to have apps off when not using. I sometimes tap on the square icon at the bottom of the phone and close apps, EXCEPT I never close Phone or Republic Anywhere.

  2. By “open” do you mean that, if I go to the square icon, it is one of the cascaded apps? Then it’s always open. But I don’t think it works. I think I need to run a test with a friend (as if) when on cellular. I thought maybe you all had heard of this problem. I could run a test with one of you all I suppose if put my phone on Cellular even though I’m home - or turned my Wifi off completely.

Actually, the problem seems to be more general. My GF just texted me and it shows up in the Windows Republic Anywhere app, but not in the Android Republic Anywhere app. I realized this when the phone gave no audio notification of the incoming Text. In fact, the texts I sent to her a few minutes earlier don’t show either in the Android interface.

I can try turning the phone off and on, but I just did that yesterday. Let me know if you have any other ideas.

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Can someone tell me what the email address is to send a text to one of us subscribers? I’m looking for something like

Then I can run my own tests without a second cell phone handy.

Always check the Internet before asking a question here.

I sent a text from email and it immediately showed up on Anywhere on Windows, but not on my phone. (This is with Wifi used for phone.)

I will run a series of tests before replying to this thread again and see if I can figure out the problem.

After a series of ten different tests, I have concluded that generally texts show up in Android Anywhere with a sound right away when phone is on Wi-Fi and a few minutes later but with NO SOUND NOTIFICATION when phone is on cellular.

(I don’t know what @danm.1l881y means by “over data”.)

I suspect that the reason others haven’t noticed this is that they check their phone every 15 seconds like most people, but that @danm.1l881y, like me, doesn’t.

If you actually open Republic Anywhere on your phone under cellular, the new texts are there within a few minutes, but it does not alert you with a sound as it does when your phone is on Wi-Fi.

There may be more to it as I had a couple of aberrations. If anyone has more info, please Reply - otherwise I will report to Customer Support tomorrow.

(Anywhere Android also wouldn’t let me reply to the text from my email address. Anywhere Windows let me reply, but I never got it in my email. I THINK you should be able to do that, but it’s something I would rarely/never want to do.)


SMS-to-email is not a feature on Republic Wireless. Email-to-SMS is meant to be an alert alternative, not a two-way communications medium.

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May be one-way communication but an alert it’s not?

It was meant for alert systems that could only text over email. That was the intent.


Yeah understand, similar to any RW or other notification and much like a smoke signal if received, you need to change mediums to reply if no fire handy.

Email to SMS and the Anywhere apps are very helpful features.

Hi @thejerrycole,

I’m not able to duplicate what you are describing. When I receive text messages (tested on two RW phones) I have audible notifications regardless of whether the phone is on cell or Wi-Fi.


Clearly @danm.1l881y has a different problem than I do. (And I completely understand the concept that even though text is technically data, you can still send and receive texts w/o a data plan).

So, @southpaw you can’t reproduce it? I can do it all day. I can reproduce it right now once again from email; have to open Anywhere on phone (even though already running in background) and then after a few seconds it shows up with a vibrate not a sound. Same thing last night I had a friend text me - waited a few minutes and then opened the app and saw the text arrive as a watched, but no sound.

What now? I suspect taking this to Customer Support is the same as taking to you, right @southpaw

I’ve moved his posts to a separate topic so there’s no confusion between the troubleshooting conversations.

No, not really. When you talk to the Community, lots of people can chime in and try to reproduce what you’re experiencing. The Community doesn’t have access to your account or our back-end systems. I do, but shouldn’t be messing about in there when you don’t have a ticket open! Many of our technicians are far more trained than I am.

For now, I think we could troubleshoot this a little more thoroughly in Community, and if we can’t solve it, and especially if others can reproduce it, then a ticket would be worthwhile.

So. let’s back up and make sure we’re all on the same page.

The issue is that when you receive a text message, if you’re off of Wi-Fi, you get no notification.
If and only after you open the Anywhere app, you see the text message arrive, and the phone vibrates but does not provide an audible notification.

The environment - Republic Anywhere on a Moto E4 on cell.

Let’s check a few details:

  1. Is this lack of notification sound consistent whether or not Windows Anywhere is open?
  2. Is there an icon at the top of the screen that’s either a star or a circle with a line through it, like :no_entry:
  1. Yes. That’s one reason why I ran over 10 tests. In a couple tests, I closed Windows Anywhere, including going to Task Manager and End Task. Same results (woulda been a nice workaround!). Just tested AGAIN with Windows Anywhere Closed/Not Running in the Background. With Wifi on phone, sound notification and in notifications list immediate. With cell on phone, no sound, not in notifications list, and only shows up a few seconds after opening Android Anywhere. (It is always running in background - always on the list under the square icon).
  2. Don’t see that.

Hi @thejerrycole,

I repeated my test on a lab phone so my testing would be on an E4. I still get an immediate, audible notification on cell when I receive a text message when the Anywhere app is not open.

Do you have any apps on the your phone that firewalls, battery management, cell dara management, or security apps?


I was able to reproduce what you’re describing when I turned on Android Settings’ Data Saver.

If you turn off Data Saver, the text messages arrive and notify as intended.
If I allow Anywhere to have unrestricted use of data in Data Saver, the messages arrive and notify as intended.

Settings > Data Usage > Data Saver - either disable it, or tap “Unrestricted data access” to see a list of your apps and toggle “Anywhere” so that it is enabled (blue and to the right.)


YOU ARE AWESOME, @southpaw Turning off Data Saver solved it.

I may open another thread to discuss what has to be running and what doesn’t. And how, besides looking at apps under the square icon, to find out what’s running in the background.

One of my personality traits (bug or feature?) is that I really don’t like unnecessary things running, even if it doesn’t seem to be costing me anything. I had Cellular Data Usage off completely for awhile because I didn’t want it checking things like weather forecasts and b.s like that, even though it didn’t seem to be costing me any data usage. (I still don’t like it checking stuff like that, but I’ll start a separate thread when I’m ready.)

Thanks again, Jerry


In December 2016, twice I received a text that was delayed by more than 1 day. This was random and possibly location dependent.

I have a Moto E 2nd Gen with Plan 2.0 voice and text service only (no cell data) running over the Sprint network. The first text that was sent to me and not received by me occurred when I was driving from Seattle to Olympia, and the second occurred about 2 weeks later when I was visiting Olympia. In both cases I had turned off WiFi, because I read in Help and found by experience that calls and text work better that way when I’m not connected to a WiFi.

I mention these incidents only because others might also be experiencing them on a random basis and the randomness might confuse other issues. I’m not sure if I have experienced more than these 2 incidents. I am positive of these 2 incidents since the information in the texts was time sensitive. I suspect this random problem is the fault of some other cell system and is not in the control of Republic Wireless, because I was routing over the Sprint network at the time.

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