Republic Anywhere Update: Version 1.1.8



Republic Anywhere version 1.1.8 was released today with new features, fixes, and changes. See the full release notes below for more information:


  • Better image composing. Drag and drop an image onto the current conversation. Paste (Ctrl+V or Cmd+V) a copied image onto the current conversation from another app.
  • “Copy image” right click menu option is now available for MMS media.
  • “Copy” right click menu option is now available when selecting message text.
  • Start a one-on-one conversation by clicking on a contact in the “People in this conversation” drop down list.


  • Fixed some recoverable crashes.
  • More consistent app menus between macOS, Windows, and Linux. All options from macOS “App” menu is found in Windows and Linux on either “Conversation” or “Help” menus. For instance, “Preferences”, “Logout”, and “Exit” is now available from the “Conversation” menu whereas version information, “Check for updates” and “Deregister devices” is available from the “Help” menu.


  • Due to performance issues, members can no longer browse local images directly in the UI. Instead, either use the “Open file” or drag and drop method.
  • Contact list when starting a new conversation is now sorted.


Great addition to RW. Needs to “remember” login and start automatically like Skype. Also - often quits and won’t restart without rebooting computer. IOS for ipad will be welcome additions.


Are you on Windows or macOS. Anywhere on macOS has an option in Preferences to Start at Boot. You might also want to open a bug ticket from the Anywhere app itself on the other issues as the behavior you describe isn’t what’s supposed to happen nor is it my experience, though I’ve seen others reference failure to automatically login (mostly on Windows).


Being able to copy/paste images into MMS messages is very nice! I accidentally did it yesterday since I’m used to doing it w/ IM software.


Indeed, it’s much like Apple’s macOS Messages app, which is both a text messaging and IM app. Drag and drop would be even sweeter. Drag and drop works. :slight_smile:


I use it on Windows 10 and see the same issue that sometimes it won’t finish login/load until I reboot. This seems to happen after Sleep mode. Auto login on Windows startup would be great!


That bug was not addressed in this release. For now, after sleep, exit out of the login window and then reopen the app. It will work fine until we can get a fix implemented.


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Where is the best place to provide feedback? Directly via the app?

When I drag & drop an image file that uses EXIF information for orientation (rotation), the preview doesn’t correctly display (photo is sideways). Fortunately, once I hit send it correctly orients using the EXIF data.


Hi @shawnm.enr3ew,

For an issue that looks like a bug, yes, reporting it from the app is best.


My computer updated to 1.1.8. However, my phone is still showing 1.0.8???


1.0.8 is the version I have on multiple household Republic phones. I don’t believe the Android app and desktop apps versions are synchronized.

How do I update my phone?

No biggy but it would be helpful for announcements to state whether updates are for for the program or the app.


Where can you download the linux version?



Well, that was quick :slight_smile: Thanks


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Hi @marqubre,

The Anywhere app is available in Google’s play store. Here’s a direct link:

Latest version for Android is 1.0.8. Versions of the Android and desktop apps won’t necessarily share the same version number.


linux link?


Linux link and instructions are in this help document