Republic Anywhere usage features

Can Anywhere send text to group and receive individual responses that are not sent to all in group? And can I edit the group list (add or remove members) after using it?

Anywhere does not offer you the ability to add/remove members from an existing group list. I am uncertain if it offers the option for your first question.

Both these features are available in Messages by Google.

I do have that app and used it for a group text but it didin’t retain the message so I would have to create another list (of about 22 members!)

In Messages you control that behavior by going to settings ->advanced

So if I want to see the message after it is sent, I guess I would have to put my name on it too, right?

Any message you send should automatically be added to the message database on you phone [and you will also be added as a in the message on the phones of the recipients of the message

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